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Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans – A Music Roadtrip with a Twist

A blonde woman leaning with her arm on the shoulder of an Elvis Presley life size cutout with a large illuminated letter sign saying Elvis in yellow and red lightbulbs

Updated on May 14th, 2024

If you love live music then you must not miss the Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans Road Trip. These 3 cities make up the Americana Music Triangle & a road trip here transports you on journey through the origins of 9 different music genres. Here is my perfect itinerary, along with the story of how a dream journey turned into a race to get home in the week that the world changed.


Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans


SWWW and friend Jill, Nashville guitar poster

I love live music. My husband was a drummer & when he was around, we would hunt down venues that featured live bands wherever we found ourselves in the world. It prompted me to start to plan a future trip taking in the big music cities in the USA…Nashville to Memphis & Memphis to New Orleans. Unfortunately, when I lost Terry, this plan went on the backburner, but the road trip took its place on my Life List (#24), along with #22, a visit to Graceland. You can see my full list HERE. If you are interested in live music then why not also check out my post on Chicago?

SWWW and the BIG Elvis Sign, Graceland, Memphis

In 2019, I met Jill on a yoga retreat in Cuba. She contacted me to ask if I fancied joining her for a visit to the USA, as a bolt on to a work trip for her. I immediately suggested this adventure & she jumped at the opportunity.

The route is also referred to as the Americana Music Triangle or “Gold Record Road”. Along the road you can find the origins & history that created 9 different music styles – Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock ‘N’ Roll, R&B/Soul, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Cajun/Zydeco & Bluegrass.”

Changing Plans
SWWW and Memphis Sign

Before I start, I think it’s important to set the context. Jill had flown to work in Washington a few days earlier, as things were starting to heat up around the COVID pandemic. If I had been travelling alone, I may well have cancelled. I was meeting her, so I chose to go. The morning I left, the President announced that the USA would be stopping all flights from mainland Europe in a couple of days. The UK was not involved, so it was officially OK for me to go.

SWWW and big yellow painted sign saying Nashville

Here, I have decided to tell the story of our journey, how 2 weeks became one, how a dream holiday turned into a race just to get back home. I did a lot of research which I will share with you. But as we moved through the country, things started to close down around us. Many of the activities on our plan were no longer available to us. As a result, this post is part dream itinerary, part story of how we adapted during the week that the world changed.

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Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans – A Music Roadtrip with a Twist

Honky Tonk Signs, Nashville

Our plan was to have 4 nights in Nashville, 2 in Memphis & finish with 5 nights in New Orleans. It sounded like a great trip.

Distance from Nashville to Memphis – 212 miles, 3 hours drive

Distance from Memphis to New Orleans – 396 miles, 6 hours drive


Nashville was first on the agenda. The home of country music & an epicentre for songwriters. I am not a particular country music fan but was excited to have the chance to convert, should anyone inspire me to do so.

Honky Tonk Bars
Bike Drink, mobile pub, Nashville

Our first stop was Broadway & the Honky Tonk bars. I had read that Nashville is now one of the party capitals of the USA & when we arrived on Friday it appeared that Nashville was already drunk! Bearing in mind the news that was quickly spreading across the world, it was very clear that Nashville did not get the memo!

At 3 o’clock on Friday the streets were overrun with groups of drinking buddies on open top busses with music blaring. Others were on team drinking bikes touring the city.”

The pavements were full of people falling over & speaking loudly to each other. It was all a bit overwhelming & we felt that the guidance on regular hand-washing & sanitising may not have been so strictly adhered to in these establishments! We decided to have a look around a few shops, then settled for a coffee instead.

Hundreds of Cowboy Boots in a store, NashvilleGrand Ole Opry

Of course, no visit to Nashville would be complete without a night out
at the Grand Ole Opry. We headed to the Ryman Auditorium where you can buy tickets for shows to both venues (Opry & Ryman). They also offer tours. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, all future shows at both venues were cancelled until further notice. It was a weird feeling. We were obviously disappointed that we would be unable to experience Nashville’s best in one of these iconic venues. On the other hand, we were kind of relieved that there was some recognition that something was actually happening.

Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

On day 2 of our trip, it was announced that the restrictions on travel into the USA had been extended to the UK & Ireland (Jill’s home). It impacted our plans as we tried to fast forward our trip. The host of our Airbnb was very helpful in waiving our cancellation fees as we headed off a night earlier. In addition, after a bit of wrangling with Booking.com, we were able to change our plans & bring the Memphis hotel booking forward without charges.

Songbird Tour
Songbird Tour guides and transport, Nashville
The entertainment on the Songbird Tour, Nashville

By far the best thing we did in Nashville was the The concept of the tour sounded a bit strange. Basically, you see the city on a bus while songwriters perform their music for you. It is literally a stage (granted, a small one)…on a bus! We were expecting the tour
to be taken by writers who were desperately trying to make it in Nashville but it turned out we were completely wrong.

One of our companions had won an Emmy & written 10 number 1 hits, the other was equally as salubrious having written for ZZ Top & Keith Urban.”

When the tour guide started singing part way through & had an amazing voice, we discovered that she had been on American Idol.

While being serenaded by great music we were driven along Music Row where effectively every house has a story of the hits that were penned there. We followed this by heading into the more residential area & the homes of such famous faces as Tammy Wynette, Jack White & Dolly Parton’s office. As complete non-country music aficionados, the tour could not have been more enjoyable!

Bluebird Café & The Listening Room
Bluebird Cafe and Listening Room, Nashville

Following the tour, our plan was to head over to the Bluebird Café for a live show but after a quick check, we discovered that again the venue was closed. The Bluebird Café is a famous listening room where you can go & hear songwriters perform their own music. Thankfully, my research paid off & we discovered The Listening Room which was a short walk away. The show at 6pm was fully booked but we were able to put our names on the list for cancellations. We got in easily & had a fantastic night listening to a line-up of 4 songwriters as they performed their music for us, with an added extra from the stories behind the songs.

Where I ate & drank:

Frothy Monkey was a nice café in the centre of the city, close to but without the madness of the Broadway Honky Tonk bars

Smiling Elephant is a busy & authentic Thai restaurant. It’s quite small so make sure you either book a table or turn up early.

Also Check Out…

Under normal circumstances you may want to try these:

For those with more of a grasp on Country Music, check out the Country Music Hall of Fame or try a tour of RCA Studio B on Music Row.

For food & drinks, there is Loveless Cafe, The Row Kitchen and Pub & Bobby’s Idle Hour, a dive bar on Music Row.

And if the Honky Tonk bars appeal to you, try Tootsies or Laylas.

To find your perfect place to stay in Nashville, use the search box below:


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Beale Street, Memphis

The Nashville to Memphis drive took us 3 ½ hour drive & it was evident that things were already changing. It was beginning to concern me that we did not have an exit strategy. We were being sensible in terms of our hand-washing & sanitising, but my biggest fear was to get ill & trapped in the US. When & how would we get treatment if we needed it? How long before we were able to get home?

On check-in at our hotel, we were told the schools were all now shut in Memphis & that New Orleans had completely closed its doors (the second fact turned out to be incorrect). Time to reassess our plans again!

Beale Street
Trolley Bus, Memphis

For the evening we headed to Beale Street on the Trolley Bus. The streets were deserted but riding on the empty bus was fun. Beale Street is termed “America’s Most Iconic Street” & “Official Home of the Blues”.

Usually it’s a bustling street bursting with live music… not so on our visit. We did find several bars open, with a handful of people in. We chose one with a guy playing his guitar & singing to an appreciative, if small audience.”

Finding A Way Home

I was feeling unsettled, wanting to confirm my way home. Having checked the airlines’ website, I was told I needed to contact my travel agent. The UK government website was my guide on the ever-changing situation. I made a pact with myself to organise things in the morning. Tomorrow it was Jill’s birthday. We were going to Graceland (#22 on my Life List) & I was excited to finally be heading there. Most importantly it was still open!

I woke early in the morning & was thrilled to get a call from my agent at Trailfinders. I have to admit I rarely use travel agents these days. Having researched my trip, it weirdly gave me a big discount on a “package” of flights & car hire. Would you believe I saved £500 on booking both together versus the flights alone? I have no idea how this worked but I was happy to benefit! They were asking if I wanted to rearrange my flight & I jumped at the chance. I still had to get down to New Orleans to fulfil my car hire contract. Unfortunately, I could no longer fly home from there as only 5 US airports were now able to process international arrivals & departures.

Graceland, Memphis The home of Elvis

I arranged my flights with them in 3 days’ time. Today Graceland, tomorrow New Orleans, then finally home…via Dallas. It felt great to finally know that I was able to get back.”

I greeted Jill on her birthday with my plans. I’m not sure it was quite the birthday awakening she was hoping for! Now it was over to her to contact her agents & get her flight rearranged too.

The Elvis Pool table, Graceland, Memphis

Then we headed to Graceland & I loved it! There are loads of different choices of tours depending on your budget & how big a fan you are. We chose the Elvis Experience Tour – an audio tour of the house, plus cars & a load of different exhibitions. It was perfect to make the most of the opportunity while not overdoing it!

The Jungle Room, Graceland, Memphis

Graceland itself is much smaller than I ever imagined. The audio-guide is excellent, giving some real insight into the life of the man behind the legend. The décor is amazing! My personal favourite was the Jungle Room, a particularly self-indulgent & extravagant space. I also loved the idea of Elvis & his entourage taking their golf carts out onto the main road outside!

Elvis catsuit, emblazoned with Tiger motif, Graceland, Memphis

We followed our tour of the house with a walk around his fabulous selection of cars & then the outfits, including an eye-watering number of caped jumpsuits from the Vegas years”

I learned a lot & despite the chaos that this holiday was becoming, it was great to actually be achieving a lifelong goal, just before it closed for a while.

The Elvis cadillacs, Graceland, Memphis

We returned to the hotel only to discover that the pool where we had been planning to relax for the afternoon was closed & I had an email from American Airlines to say that my flight to Dallas had been cancelled. Panic ensued once more!

Planning Again!

I cannot praise Trailfinders enough for the way they dealt with my challenges. They were able to book me onto an earlier flight & I made a pact with myself to get to the airport as early as possible. If I could take any earlier flights, I would. I genuinely felt I could not relax until I was sitting in my seat, heading home from Dallas.

Peabody Hotel & The Duck Parade!
The foyer & duck master of the famous Peabody hotel, Memphis

That evening we headed to the iconic Peabody Hotel, opened in 1869. We had been told by our waitress in Nashville that we had to go & watch the duck parade here. It all sounded a little strange, but we were informed that if we arrived at 5pm (or 11am) each day, we could witness the parade of ducks through the lobby. Very weird but it seemed like the perfect way to start the evening & mark Jill’s birthday.

The famous ducks on parade, the Peabody hotel, Memphis

The Peabody was packed & social distancing (back then still an unfamiliar concept to us all) did not seem to have been communicated to the ducks. The “Duckmaster” appeared in his smart red uniform to announce the ceremony as the ducks played in the fountain in the centre of the hotel.

On cue, they then hopped out of the water & paraded in a row along a red carpet & into the lift! Apparently, they live on the roof. If I thought this trip could not get any more bizarre, it had just outdone itself!”

Where I stayed, ate & drank:

Sheraton Memphis Downtown is a great location & with a pool…when it’s open!

The Peabody Restaurant at the hotel is a fantastic choice if are looking to splash out on a meal while in Memphis. Excellent service & delicious food in a traditional setting.

Flying Fish restaurant, Memphis

Flying Fish is more of a canteen, but the Red Snapper was delicious, along with the fishing inspired décor. Our favourite was the wine menu, where your choice was “Good” or “Better”!

What I had to Miss

Again, I was planning on taking in a few more things that Memphis has to offer, had circumstances been a bit more predictable. Particularly the Smithsonian Rock N’Soul Museum & Brother Junipers for breakfast.

The next morning, we packed up our car & headed for our final day & destination. It was a 6-hour drive from Memphis to New Orleans. As we headed south, we saw the landscape change & the temperature get warmer (it was pretty cold & miserable weather for the rest of our trip in March). It sparked up discussions of what could have been, had our timing been different.

New Orleans

We arrived in New Orleans with a sense of trepidation. It was St Patricks Day, usually a huge party in New Orleans. Jill is from Dublin & all the bars there had been ordered to shut. Who knew how things had impacted our final destination?

French Quarter
SWWW French Quarter, New Orleans

With one night only in the city, we headed out to see what we could find & made a beeline for the French Quarter. We found it practically deserted. Most bars & restaurants were closed. Those that remained open were only offering to take away.

The live music we had dreamed of was, of course silenced. As we walked around to get a feel of things & take some photos it was a very empty & eerie experience.”

A parade of balconies outside the flats and houses with shops, New Orleans

New Orleans had been hit early by the pandemic in comparison to other cities in the USA. Mardi Gras in 2020 had well & truly taken its toll. We learned that the authorities had taken swift action as many were ignoring the restrictions. It seemed fair & it very much felt like time to leave. Tomorrow the Governor would probably order them to close entirely.

Po Boy! A local Delicacy of New OrleansA Quiet Night In

We had spotted a restaurant that looked nice near our Airbnb accommodation so headed there to grab a takeaway. They were fantastic. I ordered a traditional Po’boy with both oysters & shrimp to get the full experience. Then I added a “Hurricane”, the quintessential New Orleans cocktail. The restaurant staff also gave us some fresh beignets (like doughnuts) to try & a T-shirt. When in New Orleans, definitely visit Tacklebox!

We headed back to relax in the safety of our room for the night. I had a feeling of sadness but a huge relief. There was still a long way to go before I reached home, but I at least felt I was on the way.

What I Could Have Done…

So, I did a lot of research about New Orleans & was hugely excited to be returning. Luckily you can benefit from this by adding a few of these to your itinerary. I hope to help you to appreciate this amazing city once you are able to do so again.

Where can you see Live Music?

Preservation Hall. I was lucky enough to spend an evening here on my first visit to New Orleans (20 years ago) & I will never forget it! There are performances every night (usually) & if you like your jazz traditional then look no further.

Also worth a visit are The Howling Wolf & Three Muses.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Keep your eyes peeled for “Second Line” brass band parades. They are usually on a Sunday, in the French Quarter & based on the traditions of the famous jazz funerals…without the body.

As a more local alternative to Bourbon Street, check out Frenchman Street. Both DBA & The Spotted Cat come highly recommended.

Where to eat & drink?
Beignet Cafe, New Orleans

Try Cafe Beignet or Cafe Du Monde to sample your own beignets for breakfast. Later in the day, there are Lafittes Blacksmiths Shop Bar & Pat O’Briens. I have memories of a legendary night in the latter 20 years ago, fuelled by the famous Hurricane cocktails! In addition, Cochon Restaurant, Pontchartain Hotel & Restaurant, Parkway for po’boys, Ruby Slipper Cafe, Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel & Cane & Table Restaurant are worth sampling.

To find your perfect place to stay in New Orleans, use the search box below:

Where Else?
French Quarter, New Orleans

The French Quarter, including St Chartres St, St Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square, Royal Street & of course Bourbon St

Fancy a park or museum? Try Louis Armstrong Park, City Park, Botanical Gardens or the New Orleans Museum of Art(NOMA)

To get a different aspect of the city, head to one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in New Orleans with a wander around the Garden District & Lafayette Cemetery. You can take the St Charles Streetcar from the French Quarter.

For one of the best views of the city, take a trip over the Mississippi on the Canal St Ferry.

It is also possible to get a flavour of Mardi Gras at any time of year. Head to see the floats come to life at Mardi Gras World. Apparently, they start straight back to work on the subsequent year, the day after the festival finishes.

If you fancy getting out of the city for a bit of hiking/biking, then head to the Northshore & Tammany Trace, an old railroad track which has been converted to a trail. If you are able to spend more time in the area, there are also loads of fantastic places to explore over a weekend getaway in the South.

I hope that when things calm down, all these places are still around to enjoy & allow you to make the most of this unique city in a way which I was unable to. I wish all residents & establishments the best of luck over the coming months.

A Fond Farewell
SWWW and Jill, Memphis Sign

I hugged Jill to say goodbye the next morning.

We both live alone & neither of us realised that this was the last physical contact we would have for a while. It’s been over 3 weeks now & is one of the things I am missing the most.”

I am pleased to report that we both made it back to our respective countries safe & sound. We have now completed the 2 weeks self-quarantine (imposed in Ireland, not required in the UK at the time). Three days after arriving home we went into lockdown. I wish you all well in these uncertain times & hope you stay safe until we are able to hit the road again. I’ll certainly be hugging my loved ones a lot tighter when I next get chance.

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Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans - A Music Roadtrip with a Twist

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  1. Mind-blowing to go on this wonderful tour and to feel the world-changing so significantly at the same time. I enjoyed the Songbird Tour much more than I would have thought and it made me feel homesick (I went to college 50 miles north of Nashville). Amazing to see Beale Street shut. Your picture with the streetcar is perfection. And you still got to go to Graceland!!! That duck parade at the Peabody had me roaring. Interestingly, I had a similar, eerie experience of New Orleans. I’d visited there many times to bustling streets, but then in 2007, I took a cross country road trip and it felt like driving into a ghost town when I arrived there. Tourism was hit hard by Katrina and it took years to recover. I hate to think about the place being hit again. Great to revisit my favs through your lens and words. Glad you have these memories in the time of self-isolation. I hope the doors open again soon. Stay safe and well.

    1. Thank you so much Lisa for your lovely comments! I am so pleased you were able to relive a few memories coming along on the ride with me! It was certainly a unique experience. Fingers crossed that places like New Orleans will recover quickly once this is all over. Thank you again & I wish good health & safe armchair travels until you can hit the road again! Sue x

  2. An Australian friend moved to Nashville and has now built a successful country music career, but we never got to visit. You always hear about Memphis, Graceland and the Honky Tonk bars of Nashville, but it has been great to read about your visit and I think my husband would love to follow in your footsteps, perhaps when the world returns to some sense of normal!

  3. This is most definitely a place that has been on my bucketlist for years, I have always wanted to visit Nashville and experience the city of music! Maybe someday I will get that dream come true kind of trip 🙂

  4. What an amazing trip even despite it being in the middle of a pandemic. So good that you still got to Graceland but such a shame New Orleans was in lockdown, that is a destination I would love to visit.

    1. Thank you Angela. It was a shame & I do home to return again & see New Orleans in it’s full glory. I believe we made the most of the situation but it was a huge relief to return home from this one too! Stay safe, Sue x

  5. A great adventure during this difficult pandemic situation! It’s a pity that New Orleans was closed. Nice to see pictures of big old American cars! I would love to do this trip someday when all this chaos ends. 🙂

  6. What an adventure, Sue!!! I love the Honky Tonks, though I have not visited one in Nashville. Love to visit Graceland and New Orleans someday. Glad you went on this trip despite the pandemic and had fun.

    1. Thank you Georgina. It was shame that to do it justice I will have to go back but I definitely think we made the best of the situation. Hope you get there someday to appreciate it when things are back to normal. Sue x

  7. I had numerous business trips to Memphis, and loved it. The have a big event each year called Memphis is May, which is basically a huge big pig roast fest on the banks of the river, with lots of alcohol. The music is great too. I loved going to Elvis’s house … and was surprised how small it was.

  8. What an amazing road trip, I think we will all be taking these more in the near future. I love how you took this trip, honouring your late husband’s passion for music and sure he was with you in spirit. I had a quick drive past Graceland when I was in Memphis on business, and would have liked to have experienced the city more, it seemed to have such a great vibe just as you described.

    1. Thank you Renee & I hope you do get to Memphis to experience Graceland at some point, especially if you are an Elvis fan. I appreciate your lovely words about Terry too. He is always with me in spirit <3 Sue x

  9. Your plan of spending 4 nights in Nashville, 2 in Memphis & finish with 5 nights in New Orleans sounds like a great trip. Going to Beale Street on the Trolley Bus where the streets were deserted but riding on the empty bus must be fun. I did not knew that Beale Street is termed “America’s Most Iconic Street” & “Official Home of the Blues”.

  10. I loved spending time in Nashville. Such an eclectic town full of laughter and vibrancy. I have yet to visit New Orleans and now looking at your suggestions cannot wait to travel again

  11. I’m sorry that so many of your plans didn’t work out, but these things often make for better stories! I did a trip very similar to this in the summer and I had a great time, even though I’m not overly fond of some of the musical styles. It’s lovely to be somewhere really iconic. It was so busy down Beale Street and in New Orleans the nights we were there, that I’m a little envious they were so quiet for you!

    1. Thank you Elaine & glad the streets were busy for your visit. I guess the grass is always greener! I’m not into all the music styles majory either but you just can’t beat live music! Stay Safe, Sue x

  12. I love live music too, and this definitely sounds like a road trip I would enjoy- when the world returns back to normalcy. Nashville (with the fun Honky tonk bars) and New Orleans, both are on my bucket list for when I visit the US.

  13. Ah New Orleans, we have been thinking of going there for next year, for our 10-year wedding anniversary. I am so looking forward to going there 🙂

  14. I was curious to read about your impressions of Nashville as we also recently visited there – I was not a fan. I’m sorry the pandemic impacted the rest of your trip.

  15. Wow this Entire trip is on my bucket list. I’d love to visit New Orleans and Nashville. I love country music and I also have a fascination with Jazz and used to dream of running away to here.

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