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Travel During COVID-19 – How to Choose A Holiday Let

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Updated on May 2nd, 2024

Do you feel safe to travel yet? Be it an overseas trip or a staycation, one of the biggest areas of concern is, where will I stay & will it be safe? To learn more about how things have changed, I spoke to a friend who runs a holiday let business in the UK. I felt reassured & if you need to feel the same, then read on.”


Kirbymoorside Scenary - Travel During COVID-19 – How to Choose A Holiday Let

Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire Moors, UK

Good to Go LogoWhy?

In these current times when the world is facing a global pandemic, has it destroyed travel? Do you feel safe to go out exploring yet? It is important for me to feel confident to take my first tentative steps back out into the world. During the research for my upcoming trip to Scotland, I discovered that there is now so much more to consider. However, I also wanted to better understand what the impact & expectations are from the industry themselves. My friend Tracy owns Low Hagg Farm Holiday Cottages in North Yorkshire, so I reached out to her to help me. I found it fascinating & reassuring what she had to say & as such decided to share it with you. I hope it helps give you peace of mind, it certainly did for me.

SWWW and Tracy in Whitby - Travel During COVID-19 - How to Choose A Holiday Let

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Tracy & I have been friends for 20 years. Back in 2015, she decided to close her successful PR business & follow her dream to move to Yorkshire. With her husband, Patrick she bought a farmhouse with some holiday letting properties just outside Kirkbymoorside in North Yorkshire. I have visited a number of times over the years. I was last there in February, just before the madness happened. It has been inspiring to see how what started as a dream, has become a reality for Tracy, Patrick & their 3 beautiful dogs.

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Low Hagg Farm, Dog friendly - How to Choose A Holiday LetLow Hagg Farm

Low Hagg Farm Sign - How to Choose A Holiday Let

Low Hagg Farm lies on the edge of the spectacular North Yorkshire Moors. It is just 1 1/2 miles from the lovely old market town of Kirkbymoorside and six miles from Helmsley.  The former farm is situated in a tranquil position amongst open countryside & the sympathetic conversion of old stone farm buildings provides three beautiful, dog-friendly holiday cottages exuding
country charm, character and comfort.

So, over to Tracy…

What guidelines do you now need to follow?

We have a fabulous trade organisation – PASC UK (the Professional Association of Self Caterers), which has worked tirelessly on our behalf throughout this crisis, lobbying the Government and continually steering us all in the right direction.  They have provided us with guidelines and templates for everything from Risk Assessments to cleaning standards.  It has been an enormous help. I’ve taken these and adapted them as appropriate to suit our cottages.

Kirbymoorside Sign Post - How to Choose A Holiday Let

In addition, Visit England have an industry standard called “WE’RE GOOD TO GO”. We have gained accreditation which means we have followed UK Government & industry standard COVID-19 guidelines. We have a Risk Assessment in place & all processes to maintain cleanliness & social distancing. The most important thing is that our guests feel confident & reassured about coming to visit us at Low Hagg Farm.

We have always prided ourselves on our level of cleaning & have received a lot of positive feedback. When guests arrive at Low Hagg Farm, I ensure that the cottages are sparkling clean.”

However, for obvious reasons, our cleaning regime is now even more stringent & at changeovers, we clean everything with both antiviral & antibacterial cleaner. I cannot afford to miss anything. If guests find one thing which is not clean, it will affect how they feel about the whole place & all our efforts will have gone to waste. I cannot risk that this has any way to be part of the experience.

What about the things that can’t be cleaned every time?
Low Hagg Farm - How to Choose A Holiday Let

For soft furnishings like curtains, rugs & carpets we use an anti-viral spray. For items like mattresses & pillow protectors, pillows themselves & duvets, we spray & then remove them from the accommodation. They are then placed in quarantine until the next week. With cushions, we have kept these to a minimum & rotate them after each visit.

We also provide a library of books, DVDs & games to each cottage. We have created a Swap Box & after each changeover, we switch out the box & again, quarantine for a week. Certain items have been removed from the cottages to make cleaning more manageable, such as coffee machines. Some had a lot of extra pieces of crockery which just weren’t necessary, so all have been removed, which enables us to run everything through the dishwasher during the changeover.

What guidance do you provide to guests?

I have created some guidelines which are issued to guests before they come to ensure all expectations are made clear. These include:

What to bring
A blond woman, in a blue face mask

Facemasks – for tourist attractions, shops etc. We also remind guests that re-useable fabric masks should be washed at the end of each day.

Disposable Gloves – for fuel refills or electric car charging.

Hand sanitiser.

Disinfectant wipes.

First Aid kit including paracetamol & a thermometer.

Tickets – entrance numbers to attractions are reduced to allow social distancing. Advance booking is important if possible.

Steam Train Kirbymoorside - How to choose a holiday let

Pillows & pillowcases – for extra peace of mind, although they are provided.

Arrival & Departure
A white iced cake with yellow and orange sweets decoration

We like to stay informed about arrival times to allow us to stagger guests should it be needed. It’s important that these are adhered to as closely as possible. Many guests get food deliveries & for the same reasons we need to be aware of these too.

I usually enjoy greeting & showing guests around their cottages. Sadly, this is no longer possible, but I am always around to help if needed. In addition, due to the longer cleaning times, late check-outs are a thing of the past.”

We also provide a Welcome Pack for all our guests, but it has had to change as a result of the pandemic. This now includes a pocket-sized hand gel & milk, but we can no longer provide tea, coffee, sugar, cooking oil, salt & pepper. Instead, I have added some wine & my usual home-baked cakes.

In addition, we now have now added hand gel to our fabulous range of Tyneham soaps, provided in all our cottages, and this is also available in the communal utility room. Luckily, we do not have many common areas but for those establishments that do, these would be the biggest challenge. How guests can help, is to keep their activity in these areas to a minimum. For example, our only real communal area is the laundry. When anyone visits, we request that they use the hand sanitiser provided on their way in & their way out. When a recent guest seemed to be washing every day, this wasn’t helpful. I encourage everyone to take their laundry home with them, if possible, but the laundry facility is available if needed.

We encourage the use of the dishwashers throughout their stay wherever it is practicable.

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How can your guests help you & how has this changed?
Low Hagg Farm - How to Choose A Holiday Let

I ask the guests to strip all their own beds before they leave & place the linen with the towels into a laundry bag directly. This limits the level of contact for our cleaners. Shaking these out is also discouraged. In addition, we ask guests to remove all their rubbish bags. No additional visitors are permitted to the property for obvious reasons.

How has the pandemic affected your day to day work?

Each of our 3 cottages now takes my team & me around 1 ½ hours longer to clean. As a result, we have needed to push back check-in by 30 minutes. We now make sure that everything is both cleaned and disinfected, particularly all the frequently touched points including door handles, light switches etc. With remote controls, we wipe & place them in plastic bags after cleaning.

How about PPE?
Kirbymoorside Lakeside view - How to Choose A Holiday Let

This has been a huge change & created a whole other level of waste. When you make an effort to be as sustainable & eco-friendly as possible, this hurts. We wear PPE to take all the dirty items out of the cottage after guests leave. To avoid any potential cross-contamination, we then change the PPE before we start cleaning.

Our cleaning is based on the assumption that each cottage has been occupied by someone who has a suspected case of COVID-19. We approach using PPE with that in mind. I need to ensure that my staff & myself are fully protected, as well as the cottage being thoroughly clean for the incoming guests.”

What has all this cost you in monetary terms?
A low level farm cottage set in a snowy landscape

The cost implications of all the changes are huge, from cancellation for refunds to the costs of PPE. Then there is the additional cost of cleaning in terms of staff hours and the products we are now using. Unfortunately, we also have a loss of business during one of our busiest seasons. We are open throughout Winter, but here in Yorkshire, it is usually much quieter. It’s when we invest the time & money in anything that needs updating on the properties. Having made these investments, we recoup it during the busy spring season. So last winter we completely renovated one of the cottage bathrooms and replaced ovens and hobs throughout, for example.  But recouping these investments has not been possible this year.

We do not want to put prices up for our visitors, so the business has to shoulder the burden. In the UK we received a small business grant to help us through the lockdown, however, this & more went on to provide refunds for all the guests who we had to cancel. Thankfully most people were very understanding and just a handful were incredibly difficult.

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What happens if a guest becomes ill during their stay?
Kirbymoorside Beach - How to Choose A Holiday Let

If anyone in the group has symptoms or has received a track & trace alert within 14 days of arriving at the cottages, we need to be informed. This extends to any guests leaving the property in the next 48 hours. Once they have arrived, if anyone has symptoms we need to know immediately. We ask them to make arrangements to travel home as soon as possible, in line with government guidance. In addition, we encourage all visitors to make sure they have travel insurance to cover any last-minute cancellations.

For obvious reasons, once they have left, if anyone becomes unwell or has symptoms of COVID-19 we also need to be informed.

Low Hagg Farm - How to Choose A Holiday LetWhat is the message you would like to convey for anyone planning their first trip away?

Be open-minded & expect that things will be different. Make sure you follow the rules & be considerate to other guests & staff. If you have been asked to do something, there is no excuse not to.

Make sure that when you leave somewhere it is clean & presentable. If you expect a venue to be safe, then it is your responsibility to reciprocate. The cleaner & tidier you leave your room, the easier & safer it will be for the staff to turn it around for the next guests.”

Low Hagg Farm - How to Choose A Holiday Let

Stay informed of all the rules for the destination you are visiting. Things can change quickly so you need to be aware of these. If your location sends you guidelines, make sure you read & comply.

If we all work together it makes life much easier for everyone. Since we re-opened on July 4th we have been full with very happy guests who have really appreciated our efforts and are enjoying much-needed breaks, confident of their surroundings.  Yes, it’s hard work for us, but its’ really gratifying to know how happy our guests are – and it is great to have them back!

Kirbymoorside Hay bails - How to Choose A Holiday LetFinal thoughts…

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Tracy for all her invaluable insights & for allowing me to use her gorgeous photos. I have not & will not be receiving any compensation from Low Hagg Farm for the contents of this post. But obviously, I think it’s amazing & you should visit ;).

I hope you have found this insight as helpful & confidence building as I have. I hope that one day in the future we will be able to get back to travelling freely once more. In the meantime, the most important thing is for us to stay informed on what is happening & be sympathetic to the challenges the industry is currently facing. There is no reason not to travel as long as we follow the government guidelines of our own & our destination countries. Many property owners are going through some very tough times. We wish them all the best to make it out of the situation with a flourishing business. The more we can support them now, the more choice we will have in the future.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to help plan my next travel adventure! Low Hagg Farm looks beautiful and exactly like a place I would want to visit 🙂

    1. Thank you & so glad that you’ve found the post useful. And yes, Low Hagg Farm is beautiful! Stay Safe, Sue x

  2. So far we are only doing short day trips from home as Canada opens back up. Practices vary so much place to place. And things are busier in the summer months. We hope to do a stay over trip in the fall when hopefully the crowds will be smaller. It is good to hear from people maintaining lodging to see how they are addressing both the regulations and people’s expectations. I love the idea that bedding items are taken out of service for a week. I must admit the idea of laying my face down and breathing all night has me most afraid. Great that they are offering some guidance to guests on what to bring. I am definitely travelling with my own pillowcase!

    1. Thank you Linda & glad you found it useful to read. I hope it’s given you some increased confidence for when you are ready to travel further again, although you make a good point about the pillowcase 😉 Stay safe when you do, Sue x

  3. This is such an interesting post! Thank you for the insight. It makes me feel so much more comfortable all the effort and hard work being put in. Thank you to everyone in hospitality 🙂

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I felt so much more confident too after chatting to Tracy.. hence why I felt it was important to share. Everyone in hospitality is working so hard to get things going again, it has only strengthened my resolve to keep supporting them. Safe travels, Sue x

  4. Very helpful guide on how to travel during this Covid timings. First of all checking the destination and its present situation is the first thing we should always have to do now. Also carrying proper disinfectant stuff, masks and other essentials are also great advice. I still have not started but your post is motivating me now.

    1. Thank you Yukti, glad you found the post useful & pleased to hear I have motivated you to consider travel again. Sue x

    1. Thank you, Rosie, & so pleased we have given an accurate portrayal of all the efforts you are making to ensure the confidence of your clients. I take my hat off to you all for the extra work & care you are all taking. Thank you on behalf of the travelling community! Sue x

  5. Your post has excited me to find more about Low Hagg Farm. And I must say, it is one of the best places for a family vacation. The way the management of the farm takes care of the property and ensures cleanliness and hygiene during this COVID-19 pandemic is a great lesson to follow in our daily life. I have already made up my mind to visit it during this Christmas.

    1. Fantastic, thank Pranita. I can certainly vouch that Low Hagg Farm is a great place to visit. make sure you book early as I know they get very busy…for obvious reasons 😉 Sue x

  6. This was a good insight into the hotelier’s points of view on Covid-19. It must be a worrying time for them to get everything right for their guests. I recently stayed in a hotel and a self-catering house on my trip to Wales. I’m sad to say that despite the hotel claiming to be “good to go” I had to question them during dinner as to why they hadn’t antibac’d the table in between a customer change over – the answer ” oh we can only do that if we have time but don’t worry the whole restaurant gets a deep clean at the end of the night!!” needless to say I complained! I felt much more reassured in my self-catering accommodation and the owner even came over to tell us exactly the steps they take before and after each guest arrives and leaves.

    1. Thank you, Angie. It’s such a tough time at the moment for hotel owners & I felt it was important to share as to hear what Tracy had to say made me feel so much more confident. But like you, I have had mixed experiences, with some places really not making you feel safe or comfortable. Sorry about your restaurant experience, they are really not getting it so I hope they have responded to your comments. Sue x

  7. It’s very interesting to learn in detail what the pandemic means to people who are working in tourism. I really pity them.
    I went on two very different trips during the pandemic. In July, I visited Prague, and given how things are now in the Czech Republic, I picked a fine moment. But also I must admit that I’m not surprised that they are doing so badly now – the whole atmosphere was like hooray, here it’s over. Well, a pandemic isn’t really over in one particular spot…
    In September, I was in Italy and that was a whole different experience since they are quite traumatized. Consequently, I felt quite safe since we all followed the rules.
    Now I’m very curious when and where my next trip will be since things are not looking great.
    I think that spending time at your friend’s place should be a rather safe option – very personal, individual – and away from the partying crowds 😀

    1. Thank you, Renata. I think we all have experienced now of places which have made us feel safe & those where we are uncomfortable. I haven’t been out of the UK since almost getting stuck in the USA in March. However, just going out for dinner locally can either bring concern or confidence depending on how happy you are with the provisions & distancing. There are definitely variations across the board. I would certainly feel safe at Tracy’s place & just talking to her made me feel better about my subsequent road trip to Scotland. Sue x

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