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Reviewing my Life List – What’s In & What’s Out for 2019 & beyond?

A blonde woman sitting drinking with a view of the New York skyline behind on a sunny day

Updated on March 23rd, 2023

I made my Life List (Bucket List) when I was desperately seeking purpose & direction. Ultimately, what I wanted was a roadmap for life & I looked everywhere for inspiration. After 3 years it was time for an update. So, here goes… reviewing my Life List – what’s in & what’s out for 2019 & beyond?”


A cross section map of the world not including the north or south poles and surrounding areas



A woman and a man arm in arm in front of the Empire State Building in New York

At the end of 2014 I tragically & suddenly lost my husband Terry, after 20 years together. My life seemed destroyed & everything I knew changed forever. There is so much to share about how I started this next journey in my life but here is not the time. In 2016, prompted by this monumental shift in my life’s path, I wrote a Life List of all the things I wanted to achieve moving forward. It helped to give me a focus & got me through the next 3 years. Most call this a Bucket List but I felt the whole “things to do before you die” tag was a bit too close to home.

I made the List at a time when I was desperately seeking purpose & direction. My first year was spent accepting all invitations from friends & family looking for a way to help. I left my job of 18 years & was planning to start a travel blog. Ultimately, what I wanted was a roadmap for life & I looked everywhere for inspiration.

My Life List contained 117 “things” which held some huge & very open topics, for instance, Explore Scandinavia & US National Parks. It included iconic undertakings like hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu & climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. In addition, there were some very simple tasks, for example, making pavlova from my Grandma’s recipe & seeing a film in an outdoor cinema.

 That’s why I have loved the List & I used it as my guide, my sanity & my saving grace.”

To see what I have achieved, see my Video

My Life List 2018 - 3 years in 3 minutes
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But my life has changed. I have a plan, I have a direction & I am now a travel blogger!  To conclude, I feel it is time to review the list, remove things that are no longer relevant or inspire me, & add items that look appealing to who I am now. Although I believe the list should be fluid, I like to keep it static for some time, just so I know where I am!

If you would like to create your own Life or Bucket List, then don’t miss my post on Simple Bucket List Ideas for inspiration.

So here are the changes I’m making:
What’s coming off the List? Everything I’ve done!

I may not have fully completed certain tasks which are huge & ongoing undertakings, but they are underway. For instance, learn Spanish, learn to dance, learn to take better photographs. I still have a long way to go with these but progress & a number of courses have been completed!

Everything that I have done but added it anyway!

There are a number of things which went in as I was searching for other lists & looking for inspiration. In actual fact, I had already gained some experience of these & so no longer feel that they are relevant. For example:

SueWhereWhyWhat in a red apron with Ya's Thai Cookery school written on it, with a Thai meal she has just cooked on a course in, ThailandTake a Cookery Course.

I love food & I would love to be a better cook. When I was in Thailand with Terry, we took a Thai cooking course in Krabi. It was great. We learnt loads. “Bang, Bang, Chop, Chop” became our mantra! I will do a course again, but I don’t see it as a thing that needs to stay on the list.

See an Eclipse

I have actually done this too, & a solar one at that! In my old job, I was out on the road for the day. I remember it going dark & the birds stopped singing. It was a very eerie experience. I’m not sure if it needs repeating as an event so it’s off the list.

An underwater photo of a shark and Suewherewhywhat and a friend underwater scuba diving with thumbs up and holding a sign saying great barrier reef, AustraliaSwim with Sharks

I’ve realised that I don’t have a huge desire to go in a cage while they feed the sharks around me. I’m not scared, I just don’t see the appeal! I have already swum with sharks while completing my Open Water Qualification on the Great Barrier Reef. I had challenges during the Night Dive with buoyancy issues & unintentionally popped up on the surface, leaving the team before I was prepared to. As the rest of the group were continuing on the planned dive, I headed back to the boat.

Those who weren’t involved in the dive could stick their faces in the water to watch the sharks who would ominously patrol the back of our boat, I’m guessing because of the lights. I had to swim through them to safety. As a result, I believe I’ve swum with sharks. Done!”

Things that I may not have done, but I have done something close enough!
Attend Coachella, Benicassim & Lollapalooza Music Festivals.
2 pictures one of hundreds of tents and one of SueWhereWhyWhat sitting on a camping chair in Wellington boots and sunglasses while volunteering for Oxfam at Bestival festival in Dorest, UK

At the time I made the list I saw music festivals as an exciting addition to my future. Now I’ve been to a few. I’ve volunteered at a couple. It’s no longer a priority for me, no matter how glamorous the location!

Whale Watching at Close Quarters in Mexico
A picture of a whale surfacing in the sea on an overcast day in Costa Rica, watched by a white boat of tourists

This was very specific & based on an article I read many years ago. I have since been on a few tours (New Zealand, Dominican Republic) & seen whales just off the side of a boat in Australia. It will never get boring, the thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. I am going to take advantage of all the opportunities to see them again in the future, however, it doesn’t need to be on the list.

Dominican Republic - Central America & Caribbean, Caribbean
Things that I don’t believe I will ever do:

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer in goals. Currently, though, why have something on the list that you actually don’t believe will be possible for you to achieve?

Experience Zero Gravity

It sounds amazing but maybe more for a list in the future…

SueWhereWhyWhat in glasses and a blue cap, with number 1790 on the front of her shirt after running St.Albans review half marathonRun a marathon

I do feel guilty about removing this one but I went to see a physiotherapist a few years ago & his response to this goal was to pull a face & say “What, with that back?” On completing a half marathon 10 years ago & hating every minute of it, I swore that I’d never speak about running a marathon again. If I did it, I’d aim to cover the miles over a week, therefore it’s not a marathon.

Be kind to yourself is my motto. Why have something on there to taunt you that you don’t believe you’ll ever do anyway?”

What’s being adapted?
A herd of Elephants marching up a street in Indonesia and a view of Grand Canyon from above in a helicopterThings I don’t believe are good:
Ride an Elephant.

I’ve seen so much controversy about riding elephants & the torture they have to endure to enable us to have our moment. I have now changed this to something more ethical – Bathe an Elephant.

Things I need to be more specific about:
Visit Americas National Parks

This time I’m being more specific. The ones I ultimately want to include are Yellowstone, Zion, Yosemite, Arches, Glacier, Bryce Canyon. Please let me know if there are any you feel need to be added to this list.

A blonde woman and man in a blue bandana 'cheersing' smiling as they clink two glasses together in a small dark barReturn to see more of Japan

I have so far spent a few days in Tokyo as a stopover on the way home from Australia. I loved it way more than I was expecting to. Now I want to focus on the Cherry Blossom in Kyoto & seeing Hiroshima.

A view of buildings by the river in Stockholm, Sweden on a sunny dayExplore Scandinavia

I have spent a couple of days in Stockholm & Helsinki so in essence this has been ticked off, but I think there is so much more to see! Instead, I am now including Copenhagen & seeing the Fjords of Norway.

Why have 2 things when you can have just 1?
Rio de Janeiro & Carnaval in Rio

When I go to Rio, I’ll make sure it’s the right time for Carnaval. That’s the joy of the List, I know what time of year I’ll be heading to Rio!

What’s being added? This is the really exciting bit!

Things I’ve read about & think I would enjoy

Attend Burning Man

I have seen a lot of articles & photos from fellow travellers over the last couple of years. It feels like a place I need to experience at least once.

A single rower in a red boat rowing along the thames viewed from the towpath, Henley on Thames, London and a close up of a plate of cooked black muscle shellsVisit Deadwood, South Dakota

The town itself is a National Historic Landmark & with Calamity Jane & Wild Bill Hickok in its past, the area looks just like walking into the Wild West.

Things I have been meaning to do but know that I’m most likely to do them if I add them to the list!
  1. Buy Ingredients & Cook a Meal from Borough Market, London.
  2. Experience Henley Regatta, UK
  3. Walk the Thames Path, London.
  4. Get hypnotised
Things that the timing wasn’t right for before:
SueWhereWhyWhat and nieces on a bridge in Venice Italy standing in front of Gondolas

When my eldest niece, Amelia turned 16 I wanted to make her birthday & Christmas presents more meaningful & encourage a travelling future. Since then I have been putting a little money aside for each event so one day (after she became 18), I can meet her in New York. I hope it will happen in the next couple of years as she was 20 last year. My youngest niece, Harriet just had her 16th birthday so it’s only right to do the same. Location still to be selected by Hats!

Things I can’t believe weren’t on the list in the first place!
  1. See Wild Polar Bears
  2. Tour the Champagne Region in France
  3. Hike in the Himalayas
  4. Visit Colombia
  5. Explore Petra & Jordan

That’s it!

So now my List contains 85 entries (a more rounded number!) & I have my focus for the next 3 years & beyond. Most importantly, I have taken it a step further & categorised into sections so I can see which area of the world needs more of my attention. All I can say is it looks like I’ll be booking a flight to Asia fairly soon!”

Now, my full Life List looks like this:


2 pictures one of Buckingham Palace in London on a cloudy day and SueWhereWhyWhat drinking A large beer outside a pub in Germany

1. Stay at the Ice Hotel
2. Visit Iceland
3. See Auschwitz
4. Experience Oktoberfest
5. Tour Buckingham Palace
6. Take afternoon tea at the Ritz
7. Buy ingredients & cook a meal from Borough Market, London
8. Tour the Champagne Region in France
9. Visit Copenhagen
10. See the fjords in Norway
11. Experience Henley Regatta, UK
12. Walk the Thames Path, London

North America

2 pictures one a view of Grand Canyon from a helicopter and a house decorated with streamers and green hanging baskets in New Orleans
2 pictures of the New York Skyline. One showing the Empire state building and one of silhouetted buildings in the background behind the american flag.

13. Hike into Grand Canyon
14. Visit New York for Christmas & New Year
15. Ice skate in New York
16. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
17. Take a holiday on a horse-riding ranch in the USA
18. Tour the White House
19. Drive Route 66
20. Visit Americas National Parks: Yellowstone, Zion, Yosemite, Arches, Glacier, Bryce Canyon
21. Visit New England during fall
22. Tour Graceland
23. Take my niece Amelia to New York
24. Music road trip around Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans
25. Attend Burning Man
26. Visit Deadwood, South Dakota

South America

27. Attend Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro
28. Visit Easter Island
29. Tour the Galapagos Islands
30. Explore Colombia

A blonde woman in a cap crouching on a rocky beach in front of a group of marine iguana

Central America & Caribbean

The Grey government building in Mexico City behind a fluttering Mexican flag

31. Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico

Australia & Pacific

32. Swim with Whale Sharks in Tonga
33. Visit the Pacific Islands (Fiji / Bora Bora)


2 pictures one of boats moored on the beach in Thailand and One of palm trees at sunset on the pacific Coast.

34. Visit Kerala & stay on a houseboat
35. Walk on the Great Wall of China
36. Sit with the Pandas at the Chengdu Research Centre in China
37. See the Terracotta Army
38. Visit Nepal
39. Explore Myanmar (Burma)
40. Return to Japan – Kyoto, Hiroshima
41. Visit the Maldives
42. Tour Bhutan
43. See Mauritius
44. Explore the Philippines
45. Visit Tibet
46. See Seychelles
47. Explore Vietnam

A blonde woman with a red rucksack turns to the camera to give a tired smile as she follows laden sherpas while Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, 8 days on the Lemosho Route - Tanzania, AfricaAfrica

A woman in a traditional hat crosses at a Zebra crossing in Vietnam with a large basket of Yellow Papaya

48. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
49. See the Pyramids
50. Visit Zanzibar

Middle East

51. Explore Petra & Jordan
52. Float in the Dead Sea

53. Visit Antarctica

Specific but not Specific!

SueWhereWhyWhat rides a dolphin in the sea and an underwater turtle

54. Swim with wild dolphins
55. See the northern lights
56. Stay in a log cabin in the snow
57. See wild turtles hatch
58. Ride a camel
59. Bathe an elephant
60. See wild tigers
61. Learn to sail – Day Skipper course
62. Try deep sea fishing
63. See wild polar bears
64. Take my niece Harriet on a trip, as yet unspecified!


2 pictures, one of 4 elephants in the indonesian jungle and Suewherewhywhat and crew on a sunny day aboard a yacht in the solent UK

65. Fly a glider
66. Ride a scooter
67. Get a tattoo
68. Fly in a hot air balloon
69. Learn archery
70. Go to an airport for a random flight anywhere
71. Be an extra in a film
72. Learn to play the guitar
73. Ride a Segway
74. Be on a TV show
75. Get something published, somewhere
76. Gain 1000 followers on a social media platform
77. Swim 1 mile
78. Ride a jet ski
79. See a film at a drive-in theatre
80. Take a road trip in a camper van
81. Monumentally celebrate my 50th birthday!
82. See a psychic
83. Try clay pigeon shooting
84. Take an acrobatic plane flight
85. Get hypnotised

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Reviewing my Life List – What’s In & What’s Out for 2019 & beyond?

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  1. Happy New Year Sue
    Yet again a fantastic bit of inspiring and heart felt writing ! Love it !!
    Hope to catch up soon
    Arran x

    1. Arran, So lovely to hear from you & I hope you all had a fab Christmas & Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the feedback – it means the world to me! Sending lots of love xxx

  2. Sue you make me feel sooo lazy. I’m flying g to Chiang mai end Feb and then hope to do a bit of travelling around with a girlfriend. My son is horrified. He says it’s not safe. What’s your thoughts. Really interesting to see what life holds for you. You give me inspiration. Love merryn x

    1. Merryn,
      So lovely to hear from you & very excited about your upcoming trip – it will be amazing! I have no doubt it will be safe as long as you’re sensible & take the same level of precautions that you would in normal life…or maybe just with an extra alert going on. I’ll look up some stuff for you & send it over which will hopefully put your mind at rest. Sending love anyway & can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. What do you think? I think this will be a ride of your life with so many adventures to come. I feel the anticipation and yet the longing. The thought and consideration put into this list, with several that filled me with joy, sounds like a great way to keep it all organized. Grouping them into categories looks organized.
    Why did you to write down your Life List? At the moment, I’m keeping my Life List simple: Finish my book. Create multiple automatic generous income streams. Love and accept myself unconditionally.
    What’s on your Life List that you are going to tick off in 2019? My 2019 theme is Nourishment. It can be applied to several areas, particularly my bank account, health, and well-being.
    What do you think is missing from my List? Um, with so much action — how about a 24-hour spa? 🙂

    1. Allyria, Thank you so much & I love this comment. I like the sound of your list, simple, short but also all-consuming. Your book sounds like a great one to finish. My favourite is love & accept yourself unconditionally. So important, not easy for any of us, like a daily challenge but a vital one. I definitely think the spa need to go on too! From your comment on my last post (sorry for the delay in response), you now understand why I wrote the List in the first place. It has given me a direction that I was lacking & desperately needed before.

      In terms of the plan for 2019, I’m trying to tick off some of the more iconic events on the list. I have Galapagos & Ecuador planned as well as climbing Kilimanjaro (fingers crossed). It could be an epic year ahead!

      Thank you again & sending love, Sue xx

  4. Happy New Year Sue. What a journey you have been on. It is a tribute to your spirit seeing what goals you have set for yourself. So many wonderful and exciting things coming your way! I look forward to reading about them on the blog!

    1. Thank you Alison & Happy New Year to you too! Thank you so much for your lovely comments & I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. I wish you safe travels, Sue x

  5. What a great list! If I had to draw up a list like that, I wouldn’t get to a quarter of the things that I want to do. Well done on what you have seen and achieved. Even if you don’t do everything on your list, you’ve achieved a goal by giving yourself direction. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you after the loss of your husband. My husband and I do most of our traveling together and love spending time together. I commend you for what you’ve achieved and good luck with your new goals & trip to Asia!

    1. Alma, thank you so much for your lovely comment. The Life List has been so integral in giving me a direction that I would recommend it to anyone. There’s probably lots I may never get to but that’s OK too & lots of other things I do were never on the list but great achievements. Glad you enjoyed it & wishing you safe travels. Sue xx

  6. What an inspirational post to read! I don’t have such a specific list as this but I really love the idea. I’m so glad that this list and your travel have been a big part of your healing and living! I started traveling again the summer after the child we raised in foster care went to a new home instead of staying with us forever, and travel was the only thing that really started to heal my heart. Maybe there’s something about recognizing what a big and beautiful world we live in!

    1. Thank you, Cate. I didn’t have the list written down until I lost Terry. It has been a great source of inspiration & guidance since then. I’m sorry to hear about your foster child but I do agree that when life throws us challenges, travel & seeing the wonders this world has to offer can help us to heal. Stay Safe, Sue x

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