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Island Hopping in the Cyclades – The Perfect Greek Island Itinerary

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Updated on October 10th, 2023

If you are planning your first trip island hopping in the Cyclades, Greece then this is the guide for you. After visiting the area 6 times, here are my highlights of the best way to see 4 very different islands (Santorini, Paros, Naxos & Milos) as well as get the most out of a day in Athens.”


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Athens, Paros, Naxos, Milos & Santorini
Cyclade Islands, Greece

SueWhereWhyWhat & friend, Fira to Oia, Santorini, GreeceWhy?

Island hopping in Greece is my favourite way to spend 2 weeks in Europe. I love it so much, I have been 6 times! Although I have studied a number of different archipelagos in the region, I always come back to the Cyclades Islands. In my opinion, these are the best islands to visit in Greece. Here I give you the chance to see 4 very different islands & dip your toe into the history of Athens. All in one 14-day trip! I recommend 2 days in Athens & then 3 at least on each of the islands. Greek Islands travel is easy due to regular ferry services from Athens & between all the Cyclades islands. Here, I give you the itinerary I used on my last visit in 2018.

Island Hopping in the Cyclades – The Perfect Greek Island Itinerary video

Island Hopping in the Cyclades – The Perfect Greek Island Itinerary

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Getting Around

If this is your first experience of visiting the Greek Islands, then please check out my First Timer’s Guide. It gives you all the details on when to go, how to navigate the ferries & more information to help you choose the perfect islands for your trip. To follow this travel guide I recommend you fly into Athens & out of Santorini. The first stop, Paros is 5 hours on a ferry from Athens.

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece.

See also: First Timer’s Guide to Greek Island Hopping

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece.Athens

I started in Athens for a 36-hour whistle-stop tour. The main objective was to see the Acropolis. If you choose to start your Greek Odyssey here, I have a few top tips:

  • Go early to avoid the crowds & the heat. Also, take advantage of this by getting the perfect photos before all the people catch up with you!
  • Don’t take a tour & you can have the place almost to yourself, at least initially.
  • Wear shoes with a good grip. The marble floors can be lethal!
  • The Acropolis Museum is highly recommended & was the only thing we actually regretted not doing for our whole trip. If in Athens & you have enough time, please visit. I have it on good authority that you won’t be disappointed!
The Acropolis, a Sue's Bulletin - tips when visiting - Athens, Greece, Europe
SueWhereWhyWhat, Acropolis, GreeceWhere to stay?

We chose to stay in the Plaka district of the city. This is only a short distance from the Acropolis & if you are lucky you will get great views. There are also plenty of choices for bars & restaurants in the area.

There are loads of fantastic tours in Athens, Greece, here are a few of the most popular you can choose from:

Paros, Greece

The first stop on our Greek Island-hopping itinerary was Paros. We came to Parikia on a large passenger ferry from Athens which was an experience in itself. As a foot passenger, you wait on the car deck as they slowly lower the gate. From there you get your first glimpse of the island with its iconic windmill. We chose to stay in the picturesque port town of Naousa which was a 15-minute taxi ride away.

When we arrived in Paros, one of our priorities was to spend some time relaxing on the beach & there were plenty of options to choose from.

Squid draining in the sun & SueWhereWhyWhat, Paros, Church Paros, Monastiri, BeachMonastiri Beach

Monastiri is a 10-minute boat ride away. It is very picturesque, with hiking trails & an archetypal blue-domed church. The water is crystal clear & it is sheltered from the wind. This makes it a popular choice among tourists & locals. Make sure you take a walk to the church for some beautiful photo opportunities!

Santa Maria Beach

The next day we took a recommendation & got the bus to Santa Maria. We had been told to head for ‘Small’ Santa Maria. However, as we got off the bus & didn’t see any signs, we ended up at ‘Big’ Santa Maria instead. It was very busy & packed with very expensive sunbeds.

Also recommended:

Beach bar on the shore, Paros, Greece

Lageri Beach is a nudist beach but comes highly recommended as having a lovely atmosphere. Apparently, you don’t have to fully strip to take your place on the sand!

If you have transport or would like to go further afield:

Lefkes is a village in the centre of Paros which is picturesque & worth a visit for exploring its traditional streets.

Golden Beach is supposed to be lovely but is a much longer bus journey to get to.


In Naousa, the shopping was some of the best we saw in terms of quality & variety. Be prepared that the island is not cheap. However, they have an excellent choice & you can spend hours getting lost among the narrow streets … spending a small fortune!

Where to stay?
Naoussa, the small harbour, Paros

Naousa is a small port village & I would recommend staying close to the centre if you can. Wandering the maze of streets in the evening & eating by the water is part of the quintessential Greek Island-hopping experience. Make sure to book your restaurant if you are visiting in peak season.


For more details, head to What to do in Paros for 2 days.


Next on my list of islands to visit in Greece is Naxos. In comparison to Paros, Naxos is less expensive & also has some of the best beaches in the Cyclade Islands (in my opinion).

Sunset at Portara (Apollo’s Temple)

This is a must-do in Naxos & so close to the port that you can see it as you come in on the ferry.

Dusk is a great time to visit so you can see the sun go down behind the temple. If you do go at this time though, expect to have competition. It is breathtaking & well worth the effort.”

Naxos Sunset timelapse - Greece, Europe
Agios Georgios (St Georges) Beach
A ship at sunset, Naxos Island Hopping in the Cyclades – The Perfect Greek Island Itinerary
Views of Naxos at Sunset

The beach is within an easy walk from the port & the town. We loved it here so much that we barely moved for 3 days & it was great to catch up on a bit of reading!

Arch at Naxos, GreeceHire a car/ATV/moped & go exploring

In previous years I have hired an ATV & used it to explore the island. Naxos is the biggest & most fertile island in the Cyclades so it is well worth hiring your own transport & heading to the centre, particularly at dusk where the light makes it look even more beautiful.

Old Town (Old Market Shops)

As with all the islands, one of the most fun evening activities is to get lost in the maze of streets in the old town, in particular going deep into the Old Market Shops. There are some amazing jewellery stores & my favourite, locally made pottery shop – Morfes Workshop.

Plaka Beach

Plaka Beach is less busy but with restaurants & a pleasant excursion if you have your own transport. The buses also go there from the terminal at the port.

Where to stay?
Naxos, Sunset, Greece

We stayed in the Iliovasilema Hotel which was a great location in the main town of Chora, between the port & Agios Georgios Beach, with a pool.


SueWhereWhyWhat, Milos, Greece

For all the details, check out 21 Best Things to Do in Naxos


In my opinion, Milos is one of the best Greek Islands to visit. We arrived in Milos at night but were staying in the port town of Adamas which meant a flat, easy walk to our hotel.

Sarakiniko Beach

We had been told that this is a must-do when visiting Milos & I couldn’t agree more. We got the bus from the main square & it felt like we were walking on the moon. Sarakiniko is nicknamed “Luna Beach”.

The beach is made of volcanic white rock which has been eroded by the wind & waves. It literally looks like you are walking on marble.”

Take a couple of hours to explore, swim, relax & marvel at the beautiful rock formations. Be aware that there is limited beach & no shade. Make sure you have your camera as this spot is stunning!


We got the bus to this picturesque, inland village. Our first stop was to climb to the Kastro, a church on top of one very dominant hill. My advice is to get there early & go straight up. This is partly because you can avoid intense heat & too many people. However, it also stops you from looking at it for a long time & talking yourself out of the climb! It looks way worse than it actually is! The views from the top are well worth the effort as you can take in the whole island from here.

Klima, Greece,

From Plaka, we walked via the windmills of Trypiti. On closer inspection, they are all converted into houses. Some are available to rent which struck me as an opportunity for a unique experience, check out  Aera Milos for details.


Klima is a hot 30-minute walk downhill from Plaka. If you choose to brave the walk, please bear in mind that coming back up is a challenge (we hitched!).

Klima is a collection of gorgeous fishermen’s cottages. The houses are all painted brightly, with the sea lapping against them. It’s very picturesque & with a welcome restaurant in the centre for some shade & a chance to cool off.

Milos - A Boat Trip Around the Island - Greece, Europe
Round Island Boat Tour
Milos coastline, Milos, Greece

This was the 2nd time I’d visited Milos & my second boat tour. I can report that not all are created equal! This time we opted to go with Eleni Sailboats & I would highly recommend the company. It was owned by the same family business as our hotel & clearly nurtured in the same way to make the experience special. The tour was €90 per person (cash only), payable on the day.

I was so blown away by the beauty of Milos that I have dedicated 2 whole blog posts to it:

Milos Boat Tours – How To Choose The Perfect Milos Sailing Tour For You

What to Do in Milos – 21 Incredible Reasons to Visit

If you would like to book your perfect Milos experience, check out my personally curated list of activities HERE.

Where to stay?
Milos, by Sea

We stayed in  Hotel Eleni, very close to the port in Adamas. I could not recommend it highly enough. The hotel is run by Eleni herself who is the most adorable, enthusiastic & helpful person you could wish for at reception! Apart from a lovely clean room, and a great outside terrace, the breakfasts were amazing (a huge array of options for only €7.50 per person).

Santorini, views, Greece

Santorini is one of the most famous Greek Islands & as such the perfect final stop in this Greek Island itinerary. The ferry into Santorini is an experience that doesn’t really do justice to the beauty of the island.

Sunset in Oia

Oia is a must-visit in Santorini, especially for the sunsets but don’t expect to be alone! It feels like everybody in the whole of Greece is amassing for the descent of the sun once you arrive in Oia. For the best spots & ‘front row’ make sure you arrive early. When we were there sunset was around 8pm & people seemed to be ‘in situ’ from 6.30pm. If you’re hoping to get a sunset view with your drinks or dinner, then definitely book ahead. It may happen every day but in Oia, the sun gets applauded as it disappears over the horizon!

Fira to Oia Walk
Fira to Oia, Santorini, Greece

This is a 10km walk along the edge of the caldera & I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It took us 3 hours, mainly because we stopped a lot to take photos as the views were spectacular. My advice is to start early – we left at 7.20am to avoid the main heat & the sun in our eyes all the way. We were very grateful we did this as we arrived in Oia at 11am with the crowds & heat building.

If you are planning to do the walk, then I would also check the weather. We went on a cloudier day which was perfect. It’s a moderate walk with some hills but make sure you also wear sturdy shoes as there are some parts where you walk on ash & gravel. Flip Flops would be challenging but that said I did it in my Birkenstocks & was fine, if a little dusty!”

For all the details you need to tackle this walk check out my in-depth post on the hike from Fira to Oia.

From Fira to Oia, - Santorini, Greece, Europe
From Fira to Oia, – Santorini, Greece, Europe
Santorini skyline, Greece

Named as one of the Top 10 outdoor cinemas in the world, & a snip for €8. The films start at 9.30pm but the doors open at 8.30pm to allow you time to settle, buy your cocktails & snacks. If it’s a new or popular film then I would advise arriving early as the capacity is only 185. We saw Mamma Mia…it was perfect!

Kamari Beach
SueWhereWhyWhat wine tasting at sunset, Santorini, Greece.

This is a black volcanic coarse sand beach, a short bus ride from Fira. Most beaches on Santorini are black sand (except Red Beach of course!). As a result, the sand gets very hot. I would, therefore, recommend hiring a bed & keeping your flip-flops on when you go for a swim. There are rocks by the water so if you get to the sea & back with your dignity then you have my utmost respect!

Santo Wine

For our final night, we booked a sunset slot (7.30pm) for a Wine Flight Tasting Session at Santo Wines. You can get the bus for Perissia & ask the driver to stop. The view, as everywhere in Santorini was spectacular & another angle again on the caldera & the sunset. A perfect way to end a perfect Greek Island Hopping experience!

If you would like to book your perfect Santorini experience, check out my personally curated list of activities HERE which includes food & wine, hiking, sailing, and e-bike tours.

Santorini Sunset - Greece, Europe
Where to stay?

We stayed at Sweet Pop Hotel which was an oasis just steps from the madness of the main square. It has very funky décor, small but functional rooms & a pool to relax by during the day. The staff were all very friendly & helpful with recommendations.

Where Else?

You can take boat tours around the caldera that take you to volcanic springs & the White Beach (which I have never done). You can also take an excursion to Red Beach which unfortunately we didn’t get time for on this occasion.

For everything you need to plan your visit, check out my Ultimate 2 Day Santorini Itinerary.

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Island Hopping in the Cyclades – The Perfect Greek Island Itinerary

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  1. What an inspiring post! I have only ever been to Corfu and that was 30 years ago!! I would love to do some island hopping as I don’t like being anywhere for too long as I get stir crazy and so this would be perfect for me. I almost got to Santorini this year and then didn’t but I do now have somewhere else to go next year!

    1. Thank you, Angela, & really pleased I have provided some inspiration for your Greek Odyssey! I love island hopping for that exact reason – I like to move on after 3 – 4 days. Each island is so unique but similar & it makes a week feel like a month! Enjoy when you get there. Sue x

  2. We would really love to go and island hop around the Greek Islands. Good to know you recommend the Cyclade Islands. Love the idea of moving around by ferry. I loved all your beach suggestions for Paros since this is an island we have never visited. But even better to read that Naxos is less expensive and has better beaches. And I have never even heard of Milos! I would love to do a boat tour and good to know they are not all created equal. The Greek Islands will definitely stay on my travel wish list.

    1. Thank you, Linda, & I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love the Greek Islands. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do once you get there! Safe Travels, Sue x

  3. I went island hopping in Greece many years ago, but I don’t think I appreciated it. Your post has inspired me to want to do it again. Thanks for all the great info on these spots (some I’ve never heard of). Santorini is top on my list!

    1. Thanks, Jenn & really pleased that I have prompted you to reconsider Greece again – I don’t believe I know anyone who doesn’t love it! Sue x

  4. Such an inspiring post, Sue! I would love to visit the Greek islands and spend time exploring. Glad that it can be done by ferry. You’ve got me on the sunset photo – A visit to Santo Wine is a “must” for me when I visit.

    1. Thank you, Georgina! The ferries make it such a varied & easy holiday to get a flavour of a number of islands in a relatively short time. And the wines with a view is very special! Safe Travels, Sue x

  5. Visiting Greece has long been on our plans for next destination. I love how you planned your itinerary- the places you shared all look so dreamy. It definitely will inspire my future planning. Pinned for future reference.

    1. Thank you, Renee, & very pleased to have inspired you. It’s such a great trip! Enjoy when you get there. Sue x

  6. Really informative post. I’ve always wanted to go to Santorini, but now you’ve given me three other islands to see in addition to more about Athens. Thanks for the great details. The sunset and flight of wine look fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Audrey, & it’s such a waste to go to Greece & not hop around a bit. Santorini is gorgeous but also very busy so getting a flavour of some smaller, beautiful & less busy islands is a great way to compare. And who doesn’t love wine & a sunset? Safe Travels, Sue x

  7. I loved Cyclades islands on my Greek tour. I visited Mykonos and Sanotrini but missed Naxos and Milos. You have listed perfect itinerary to cover all these must visit islands in Greece. Next time, I would surely prefer to stay at Naousa, which is a small port village as per your suggestion.

    1. Thank you Yukti & really pleased to have introduced you to a few of the smaller islands too. Enjoy when you get there! Sue x

  8. Oh, Sue, you’ve re-lit the flame of desire I have to go back to Greece with this post! It’s many years since I visited Santorini – I have to book a return trip now 🙂

    1. Thank you, Coralie & so pleased that I’ve whet your appetite to return! Safe travels when you do, Sue x

  9. Oh I love the Greek islands. They are all so unique. I haven’t done much of the Cyclades. I’ve done the North Aegean, mainland and Ionian but I really want to head to Agios Georgios and Milos.

    1. Thank you, Nicole & glad I’ve managed to put the Cyclades on your radar. Enjoy when you get there, Sue x

  10. You’ve managed to make Greece even more appealing and I’m now sitting here plotting a teen-free Greek Odyssey of my own to remind me of the delights of this wonderful country. Bookmarked for later 🙂

  11. I wonder why I clicked on this post – out of curiosity for some beautiful places – or out of self-torture because I cannot visit the Greek islands now and have no clue when it will be possible again. Actually, it’s funny that I’ve visited so many places far away and haven’t been to any Greek island yet. Only last winter I visited Athens and Meteora for the very first time. However, this itinerary is so inspiring for a future visit – sounds like a summer that never ends 😉

    1. Thank you, Renata & I love the Greek Islands – you can probably tell;) I remember seeing your post on Meteroa & it looked amazing so I need to go in the other direction & explore mainland Greece a little more. I hope you make it to the islands one day as I’m sure you will love it too. Sue x

  12. I’m dying to go to the Milos, your pictures and other article are making it very tempting to book a trip there. I also need to see the cyclades, somehow I’ve spent a lot of time in the pelopponese, aegean and ionian but still not got here yet. Would you reccomend getting a boat to Milos for someone who wants to avoid the crowding and spend a bit more time there.

    1. Thank you, Nicole, & I’m the opposite, somehow I just keep being drawn to the Cyclades & struggle to explore the other island groups. Milos is definitely the place to go to avoid the crowds although it is getting busier each year. There were far more people on my last trip than the first time I went in 2017. However, nowhere near the levels that ~I have seen Santorini increase by over the years. Now is the time to head to the Cyclades! Safe travels when you do, Sue x

  13. I have never been to Greece – have been avoiding ‘hot’ countries coming from a tropical country. You itinerary of island hopping sounds like fun! You had me at the gorgeous sunsets. I love that sunset behind the temple – Naxos and Santorini look awesome! You have certainly inspired me to do the Greek Odyssey!:-)

    1. Thank you Jan & great to hear that I’ve inspired you. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love Greece! Safe travels when you do decide to go. Sue x

    1. Hi Simon & really pleased that you are keen to use this itinerary. I did a quick check & it looks like there is no problem. You can get one of the fast ferries back but it will take around 3 hours from Milos to Athens. I would check all the details for your specific dates on Ferryscanner (https://www.ferryscanner.com/en/ferry?ref=suecockell&utm_source=suecockell&utm_campaign=Ferryscanner+affiliate+program+EN). I hope that helps & safe travels. I’m heading back to the islands this summer & can’t wait. I hope you enjoy the trip & please let me know how it goes.

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