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The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the Cyclades

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Updated on May 6th, 2024

I have just returned from my 8th trip Greek Island hopping and I already can’t wait to go again! As someone who’s motto is “Never Go Back”, that gives you an indication of how much I love it. Are you new to the idea of catching a ferry to discover the wonders of Santorini and Mykonos, or the smaller gems in between? Are you wondering which are the best Greek Islands to visit? Then look no further, here is the only guide you need!


Cyclades Islands, Greece 

Why Greece?

SueWhereWhyWhat, The Acropolis, Athens, Greece.

I had my first experience of island hopping in Greece when I was a student just about to enter my 20s (a very long time ago!). My friend had family in Greece & so could offer a wealth of knowledge about the area. I usually have a motto to “Never Go Back” if I’ve returned to a place I really enjoyed, as it rarely lives up to the expectation. Greek island hopping is that rare holiday that, in my opinion, has bucked the trend & never failed to deliver an amazing trip.

SueWhereWhyWhat with husband Terry at dusk on a road in IOS, Greece

I have returned to the Cyclades islands in different combinations 8 times now. That first time was with 2 girlfriends for a hard-partying couple of weeks. Then, I returned twice with my husband, and since with my sister & a friend. In my experience, everybody loves a Greek Odyssey!

Why Greek Island Hopping?

SueWhereWhyWhat and sister, Santorini

If you are familiar with a holiday where you focus on one destination then let me explain the advantages of moving around several islands in one trip. In my opinion, these include:

  • The holiday feels longer! If you go away for a fortnight, the 1st week seems to last forever & the 2nd flies by. You get to know the place & the days just build momentum & apparent speed. If you move location after 3-4 days, each time feels like the first week & therefore a 2-week holiday can feel like you’re away for a month!
  • Every Greek island is different. No matter which ones you choose, each will have a unique feel, experience & reason why you love it. Your choice will depend on what you are looking for. Here I provide the pros & cons so you can decide which are the best Greek Islands to visit for you. My advice is to decide on your priorities & do your research. I have to say that every time I’ve been planning a trip, I have looked to different island groups (Dodecanese (Rhodes, Kos), Argo-Saronic (Aegina, Poros)) & each time I come back to the Cyclades.
  • There is something for everyone. If you have different needs from anyone you’re travelling with, you have a chance to get everything you’re looking for, maybe on the same island, maybe not!
  • SueWherewhywhat and friend on the Milos Boat TripIt’s easier & quicker than flying between destinations. The ferries in Greece are well organised & (mostly!) run on time (more on this later). There is no stress or time that is involved in air travel. The Cyclades themselves are also quite close together, meaning often in less than 2 hours you’re on a different island.
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The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the Cyclades
Rhododendron trees, over Santorini BayWhat time of year is best for the Greek Islands?

The peak season here is August, so if you are planning to visit then, make sure you book early. This is also when locals leave the city & have their vacations on the islands, so ferries can get booked up. As a result, if you plan to start/finish in Athens some of the local businesses close down as they go on holiday. The city is mainly full of tourists. All the sights are busy, but some of the local bakeries, restaurants etc may be closed. Finally, August is also very hot.

The season in Greece is from March-November but peak within May-September, especially July & August, when it can be manic. If you choose to travel during the key summer months be prepared for heat, crowds at all the key sights (especially at sunset) and needing to book restaurants. In addition, make sure you have your ferries & accommodation organised in plenty of time. For August, start booking in March/April.”

If you plan to travel out of season, then be aware that there will be fewer people but again all businesses may not be open. Also, the ferries will not be as frequent, so your choice of islands & travel days will be more limited.

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Which are the best Greek Islands to visit in the Cyclades?

This is a huge question, so I have given my opinion on the pros & cons of each island I have visited so far. I hope this will help you in selecting your best fit:

Santorini views, Greece

Why go?

Santorini rides high on many bucket lists. Therefore it is hard not to cover it first when discussing the best Greek Islands to visit. Why? Because it’s absolutely spectacular!

Santorini is the quintessential photo you have seen of Greece where the whitewashed villages seem to fall over the cliff down to the waters edge. It’s the blue domed church overlooking the sea. If you have never visited before, then it’s hard to keep Santorini off your itinerary. No matter how aggravated you get by the crowds, the view at sunset will melt that away.”

  • Santorini is a volcano so if hot springs & volcanic sights are of interest to you then you have to add this island to your plan.
  • You can get a direct international flight, so it is a great start/endpoint for your trip. Or get a flight back to Athens for your onward journey.
  • On my most recent visit, I stayed centrally in the brightly decorated Sweet Pop. It was perfect, close to but hidden away from the crowds with its own pool in a warren of small streets.
  • One of the best things to do in the Cyclades Islands is the hike from Fira to Oia. You can check out my in-depth guide for all the details.

If you would like to book your perfect Santorini experience, check out my personally curated list of activities HERE which includes food & wine, hiking, sailing, and e-bike tours.

Why Not?

  • As I’ve alluded to before, it’s crowded & that can make it unpleasant, especially at the peak time of year. If you have a choice, consider going outside the busiest period (November to March if you can) to avoid everywhere being overrun.
  • If you’re in Greece for the beaches then be warned, this is not the best island. Santorini is essentially an extinct volcano & is so beautiful as a result of its being a caldera. The downside of this is that you only get black sandy beaches (or the Red Beach). In the heat of the day, the coarse sand can seriously burn your feet & the rocks by the water make it a challenge to enter the sea while retaining your dignity!
  • Its popularity means that Santorini is expensive, among the most of all the islands. If you want a view to enjoy with dinner, then be prepared to pay for it. For a more reasonable alternative, enjoy your drinks with a view & then head away to eat. It will cost you less & your meal will often be of higher quality.
  • Due to the spectacular scenery, Santorini is a cruise ship destination so when the ships are in (at least 1 at all times), expect a lot of people in the small labyrinthine streets. You will not be alone!
  • If you’re planning to do all of your internal travel by ferry, then either put Santorini at the start or end of your itinerary (the ferry from Athens can take 10 hours).

Want to know more? Check out my Ultimate 2-Day Santorini Itinerary.

Views of Mykonos, Suewherewhywhat and the coastline.

Why go?

Mykonos is famous as the glamour island with a reputation for great nightlife. The main town has the archetypal whitewashed maze of streets filled with cafes, bars & boutiques.”

  • There is an international airport in Mykonos, so again it is useful to have at the start/end of your trip.
  • Mykonos is booming for tourists & celebrities with money to burn which means there are plenty of funky hotels, bars & restaurants to choose from.

Why not?

  • Mykonos, like Santorini, is a cruise ship destination which means when the ships are in, the tiny streets can feel overcrowded & slightly claustrophobic.
  • Mykonos is also one of the most expensive islands in the Cyclades so if you are on a budget, you may want to avoid this island.
  • With a reputation as a party island, beach clubs have dominated in recent years. If you fancy sunning yourself, be prepared to pay €100 for a couple of sunbeds & some shade. Costs will decrease the further from the sea you choose. These may need booking ahead. Prices for drinks will be at a premium & music will be loud. If that’s what you are looking for, then Mykonos could be the best Greek Island for you to visit!
The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the Cyclades

Why go?

  • Tinos is not somewhere that attracts the mass tourism that some of its neighbours experience. Recently the Greek government used Tinos as an example to showcase the smaller islands as a means of managing the issues it is facing with over-tourism.
  • Tinos is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Mykonos, so could even be a day trip. Check out this one from Get Your Guide HERE.
  • The best thing to do in Tinos is take time to explore some of the villages across the island, either on a bus tour or using your own transport.
  • On the subject of bus tours, there is an excellent one which you can buy tickets for at the Bus Station in the port. It costs only €15 for a full day stopping at all the key spots on the island.
  • The beaches here are gorgeous, with soft sand & clear water. They are some of the best I have visited anywhere in Greece.
  • There are not lots of tourists & those that are here are mainly locals. So, if you want to avoid the crowds, head to stunning Tinos!

Why not?

  • Tinos is one of the main pilgrimage sites in Greece. Avoid the dates around 15th August when the island will be full of people paying their respects by crawling on hands & knees up to the Church of Annunciation in Hora.
  • As most visitors are Greek, not everyone will speak English.
Naoussa, harbour area Paros, Greece

Why Go?

  • Again, Paros is beautiful. Take your pick between the gorgeous port town of Parikia or stunning Naoussa as a base. Currently, the island is a little more low-key than its famous neighbours but businesses are starting to take their lead from Mykonos. Prices are increasing, booking is more prevalent & expensive beach bars are popping up across the island.
  • The beaches in Paros are lovely, with soft sand & most are well organised with sunbeds & parasols.

If you’re looking for a classier island experience, then Paros is for you. It has the harbour, the bars by the sea, the sandy beaches & the small streets full of shops with good quality gifts, jewellery, clothing & restaurants”

  • The island is only accessible for the smaller cruise ships so crowds are way fewer than in Santorini and Mykonos.
  • Don’t miss your chance to spend at least a day on gorgeous Antiparos. It is easy to get to by boat & if Tom Hanks thinks it’s a good place to have a home then who are we to argue?
The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the Cyclades

Why Not?

  • For all of the reasons above, Paros is again one of the more expensive islands in the Cyclades so if you’re on a bit of a budget then bear this in mind.
  • If you like a wild party atmosphere, then I would direct you to one of the other islands, as Paros tends to be more of an “a few drinks & dinner with a gorgeous view” kind of place.
  • The best restaurants in the best locations can tend to be booked up so make sure you either book the evening before or stick to the less prestigious locations. I often like to be more spontaneous, hence it’s in the avoid section!

For all the details you need to plan your visit, head to What to do in Paros for 2 days.

Crowds gather at Portara, Apollo’s Temple, the ruined arch at sunset on the shores of Naxos, Greece

Why go?

  • For beach lovers, Naxos is one of the best Greek Islands to visit. If you’re looking for fine powdery sand, then this is the place for you. Agios Georgios is basically right by the main (port) town of Chora so you can avoid needing transport altogether if this is what you are looking for.

    Naxos is also the largest & most fertile of all the islands & if you choose to hire some transport I would thoroughly recommend a trip into the more central area, especially at dusk when the light makes the landscape appear even more beautiful.”

  • Don’t miss a short walk from the port in Chora to Portara, Apollo’s Temple where you can get excellent sunset views (albeit with lots of other tourists!)
  • Naxos tends to be one of the least expensive islands on this list.

Why not?

  • This is becoming a much more popular island & I noticed on my recent trip that the crowds have grown considerably.
  • Naxos has the feel of a place which is more a package destination than for the independent traveller.

On my last trip, I stayed at Iliovasilema which was a great location with a lovely pool.

Check out my post on 21 Best Things to Do in Naxos for all the details.

IOS at dusk as the sun slips behind the hills, scattered with tiny whitewashed buildings.

Why Go?

  • This is the young ‘party’ capital of the Cyclades, so if that’s what you’re looking for then include Ios in your itinerary, but even if you’re not, don’t dismiss it entirely. I have visited with both on my agenda. Be aware that if you prefer an early night you could be coming home when everyone else is heading out for the night, which can make everywhere seem very quiet!
  • Ios has some beautiful sandy beaches which make exploring the island worth the effort.

Why Not?

  • If you’re not in the mood for late-night partygoers in their 20s, then Ios is probably best avoided, especially between June–August.
Beautiful views of the rocks along the coast of Milos at Kleftiko & Polyagos as they rise from the azure shimmering sea

Why Go?

  • Milos is stunning & one of the smaller and quieter islands in the Cyclades, with far fewer tourists than many of its more famous neighbours. If you are planning a trip to the Cyclades, then Milos is one of the best Greek islands to visit…in my opinion!

A boat tour is highly recommended to see the best coastal features of the island & the beaches that are inaccessible by any other means. It also allows you the opportunity to swim in small bays with crystal clear water.”

  • The bus links (especially from Adamas) are very good, meaning there is no need for a car to explore the island.

Why Not?

  • The beaches can be beautiful (e.g. Sarakiniko – a stunning white rock beach) but I would say don’t go to Milos expecting endless fine sandy beaches.

If you would like to book your own Milos experience, check out my personally curated list of activities HERE.

The perfect hotel for my last stay was the family-run Hotel Eleni. Make sure you book breakfast as it is a real treat! For all the details you need to plan your visit, head to What to do in Milos, Greece – 21 Incredible Reasons to Visit

The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the CycladesSyros

Why go?

  • Syros is the administrative capital of the Cyclades, although it is far from the biggest island. This means ferries are regular here throughout the year.
  • The main port town (Ermoupoli) is flanked by two hills, each topped by a church. One is Catholic, and one is Orthodox to reflect the beliefs of the island.
  • It is stunning! Don’t miss a trip to the top of Ano Syros for sunset, although the walk up there is a challenge.
  • The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the CycladesDue to its importance, this is more of a functional than a tourist island. It is mainly populated by Greek locals which can make a refreshing change compared to the bigger & more popular islands.
  • The architecture is very different & would look more at home in Venice than on a Greek island.

Why not?

  • Due to the nature of Syros, not all people speak English.
  • If you are looking for the beach, in town Asteria is basically a platform of concrete but the swimming is beautiful. I understand that the other beaches are sandy but I didn’t make it to them. Be warned, when a ferry goes by, you can get very wet!
  • There are a lot of steps. Exploring on foot can be challenging & best done by avoiding the main heat of the day.
The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the CycladesAndros

Why go?

  • Andros is a great choice for a beach holiday. It is the second largest island in the Cyclades which gives you plenty of choices to explore but with comparatively small numbers of tourists.
  • If you love hiking, then Andros is a walkers paradise with mountains, picturesque valleys, streams & ancient stone mills.
  • I based myself in Batsi which offered a wide choice of family-friendly beaches, restaurants & bars. It is a 15-minute taxi ride from the port in Gavrio.
  • The capital of Hora is a beautiful town to explore with its neoclassical mansions, museums & spectacular views.

Why not?

  • As the island is so big, it is one of the few where you may prefer to stay away from the port. The main town of Hora is an hour’s drive & the beach town of Batsi is 15 minutes away.
  • To explore the island fully it would be best to hire your own vehicle which can increase the costs of a trip to the islands.
Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Why go?

  • I realise this isn’t an island, but it is a good option as a start/endpoint of your trip! For example, there are a lot more flight options available internationally.
  • The main port in Athens, Piraeus is so busy that you can get to any island in the whole of Greece from here & will have the largest choice of times & seats to best meet your needs. But a word of warning, it is very large. It’s important that you know which quay your ferry is departing from. Also, arrive early so you can relax as you negotiate the chaos!
  • The Acropolis is truly stunning and there are other ancient sites as well as the museum to keep you busy.
  • I would recommend 1 or 2 nights in Athens. This allows you to see the key sights without eating into your island time. If you do have limited time, then just 1 1/2 hours on a ferry will take you to stunning Hydra Island. Here you can get a perfect island experience in just a couple of days.

Why Not?

  • Athens can be packed full of tourists, especially at peak times (August). However, as all the Athenians tend to leave, not all the local bars, restaurants etc are open.
  • It’s not an island so you may want to focus all your time away from the city if that’s the purpose of your visit.

For your stay, I recommend the Plaka area of the city as a central spot with plenty of bar & restaurant options.

The beautiful multi coloured frontages of the tiny cottages that skirt the shoreline at Klima on the coast of Milos

The first time I visited, I was a spontaneous student with very little planning. We waited until we got to each port to find accommodation. This is still an option today as there are people trying to fill their rooms. However, it is not always the best way to get to your perfect location.

Nowadays I’m a little less “fly by the seat of my pants” & prefer to have a good browse of all options & carefully choose the location before arriving.”

For specific accommodation recommendations for each island, check my Island Hopping in the Cyclades post or the individual itineraries under each section here for plenty of excellent options.

Getting There & Away
The Sun is an orange ball of fire over a dark spit of land over a sizzling sunset swathed sea

This is where it’s important to choose which you believe will be your best Greek Islands to visit. Some have international airports which means you can start in one place & fly home from another. I have often started in Athens & come back from either Mykonos or Santorini (or once, Kos). This means that all your travel is one way. Although many of the islands have airports they don’t all fly internationally.

Then plan your route in a circular motion to minimise ferry time between your desired stops. This can take some time when planning.

Getting Around
Internal flights

There are flights available internally between the islands but I can assure you that by the time you have gone through the process of check-in & security, a ferry is a way more pleasant experience!

An oblong sky scanner banner with a beach scene and green book now button
White buildings overlook the stunning bay at Kastro, watching the Plaka to Milos Ferry

As mentioned numerous times, the best way to get around the islands is by ferry. It’s now easy to book online & make sure you do it in plenty of time as the number of seats may be limited. I recommend Ferryscanner. I used them for all my ferry needs on my most recent trip (11 in all!). They have options for all the individual companies & will send an email 48 hours before to remind you to check in. You need to do this for all journeys to get your ticket, so please be vigilant. I found their system easy to use & convenient.

Car Hire / Scooters / ATV etc
The white washed buildings of Oia, Santorini, clinging to the cliffs under a dark and brooding sky, Greek Islands

Hiring a car for the whole trip could be an option with the car ferries, but it’s not one I have ever done or explored. Bear in mind the extra cost if you plan to start & end in a different location. Also, the most authentic places to stay are often those with small lanes, best explored on foot. This means parking options could be limited.

The alternative is to hire transport individually on each island if you need it for a day or two. Most islands offer cars, scooters, ATVs etc & varying these can also add an element of fun to the trip.


Taxis are a good option when you first arrive on an island for quick & easy transport to your accommodation. However, they can be the costliest choice & availability may be limited.

Smooth rocks laps by gentle seas on a beautiful sunny day Monastiri, Beach, Paros

If you choose not to get your own transport the buses are a great option & on most islands serve the key tourist areas, to & from the beaches. The maximum fare I paid was €3 one way. This can either be paid beforehand (if there’s a kiosk) or on the bus itself.

If you can, get yourself a timetable (or photograph the ones on display at the terminals) & ask your accommodation where the nearest stop is. If you don’t go to the terminal it can sometimes be hard to identify where the stop actually is.

Don’t expect a super regular service, especially on the less busy islands & routes, (1 per hour for example). They do thankfully run pretty much to time though.”

The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the CycladesBoat

This may also be a more direct route on some islands to the beaches. However, expect to pay more than the bus. For example, in Paros, we got the boat to & from the beaches for around €6.50 each return. It was €1.80 for each bus journey.

On Foot

If you are staying in the port town either ask your accommodation for directions or check on Google Maps. Often you will be able to walk, which again saves time & money.

One of the most quintessential Greek experiences is exploring the maze of small streets & old towns on foot. This will be completely different depending on if you visit during the day or night.”

The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the Cyclades

In the daytime, many shops may be closed as these areas really come to life at night. The labyrinthine streets can be magical but also very busy. Bear this in mind when choosing your accommodation & transport options.

Don’t forget, if you would like to book your perfect Milos and Santorini experience, check out my personally curated list of activities HERE which includes food & wine, hiking, sailing, and e-bike tours.

Here are some new videos from my most recent Island Hopping Adventures in 2022.

I hope this has given you everything you need to decide which are the best Greek Islands to visit for you, and how to make the most of your trip when you get there. Please feel free to drop any further questions in the comments, and don’t forget to check out my post on A Perfect Greek Island Hopping Itinerary which contains loads of options for accommodation, restaurants and activities. And whichever islands you choose, I have no doubt that Greece will steal your heart too!

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The Best Greek Islands to Visit in the Cyclades

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  1. Thank you for this very comprehensive guide! I wish I had read that before I was planning my first island hopping. 🙂 I love Santorini, but it would probably be more pleasant to visit it in the low season (I’m not a fan of the crowds). I also love Crete island – it has so pretty landscape and interesting history. I’m hoping to do a proper island hopping in the Cyclades, I’d like to visit at least Naxos and Milos next time. 🙂 Also some smaller and less popular islands – but sometimes it might be hard to combine those to your itinerary if you are tight on time. Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    1. Jemima,
      Thank you so much for your feedback – really pleased you found the post useful! I couldn’t recommend Milos highly enough & have written more about my recent island hopping trip in another blog post. Milos boat tour post also planned in the near future as it was so stunning! I have never been to Crete, but maybe need to visit! When you’re next planning a trip – this may also be useful.
      Thank you so much again!
      Regards Sue

  2. I love this no nonsense guide to each major Greek island (yes, I know there are dozens!). It really told me most of what I needed to know. I’ve been to Santorini in early May and loved it – apart from the cruise ship hours that you mentioned, it was the perfect shoulder season to go. I guess with Mykonos, I’m discouraged to go because every Instagram ‘model’ or celeb goes there and my feeds get inundated with the same club, beach, house, pics, etc. I hope one day this rush will pass and the islands will keep their somewhat pristine beauty. Thanks for making a clear picture to make the best choice when it comes to these islands – and I LOVE your title haha. After reading this thorough post, I see why you called it such :).

    1. Dina,
      Thank you so much! Really appreciate your feedback & especially pleased you like my blog title & get where I’m coming from! I hope the islands do start to quieten down a bit but don’t see this happening soon, especially not for Santorini! Think my top pick would be Milos from this group as, although busier than last time I was there, its so beautiful & still has that feeling of being a bit less popular. Who knows how long this will last though! Thanks again for getting in touch!

  3. Thanks for this comprehensive guide and map! The whole transportation section is really helpful, especially for people like me who really love traveling by foot. It really is the best way to experience a new location!

    1. Carly,
      Thank you very much for your comments & couldn’t agree more re the transport. Avoiding flying is often a good thing & being on foot just makes the experience all the more authentic! I love walking! Thaks again, Sue

  4. OMG! First, I love your blog. It’s gorgeous. Second, Greece is up there on my bucket list. You just made me drool all over my laptop. Like you, I don’t like to revisit the same place twice, but I would (re)visit Greece & Portugal every single chance I got. Subscribed and bookmarked!

    1. Sandra,
      Thank you so much for the feedback! It’s all still very new to me so to hear you say that means the world! There’s definitely something about Greece that keeps calling me back! Maybe I need to look at Portugal again too ;).Thank you for subscribing & joining me on my journey.

  5. I’d considered the Greek Islands (I have been to Crete) for looking at flowers, butterflies, birds, etc, so it’s good to find useful and practical tips for just being in these places – leaving me to concentrate my research on the bits that interest me. Thanks.

  6. I agree that you can return to Greece again and again and never get enough. You really got around those islands. I love the ones you’ve visited. I have yet to see Naxxos. Milos is so far my favorite:)

    1. Cherene – thank you for your comment & I think I agree that Milos is my favourite too now! The boat trip showed me how absolutely spectacular & unique the island is. Enjoy Naxos when you make it there too! 😉

  7. Perfect! I’ve been talking about going to Greece so many times with friends but we never made it an actual plan. This will definitely help in the future to make decisions!

  8. Such a great guide – and beautiful photos – to the Greek Islands! Makes me wish we could travel – we’ve been talking about visiting Greece for a while, and actually had plans to do this summer. Maybe next year – or the next. I’m bookmarking your guide to know what to expect.

    1. Thank you Emese. I love Greece & I’m so sorry that you have had to rearrange your trip. I hope you get there one day & that you find my guide useful when you do. Stay safe until then, Sue x

  9. Great guide. I have been to some of these islands 20 years ago and I loved it. I plan to do another trip, like you, island hopping. I am just a bit worried that I won’t like it as before due to the crazy amounts of tourists flooding the popular islands. I wonder if it’s a good idea to revisit or better go to new places, hm.

    1. Thank you, Slavka. Great question! My first visit was over 20 years ago & I can honestly say that the number of people has increased exponentially. I think the thing is to avoid the things that everyone is told you”must do” e.g. Sunset at Oia on Santorini. It’s beautiful but I’m not sure it’s so much more spectacular than from Fira or any of the villages along the caldera. The smaller, less popular islands are a very different experience. Sue x

  10. I travelled to Greece in 1996 on an island hopping trip with my father. I was 45, he was 70. We had an amazing time and I learned So much from him, just deciding the day before which island we would go to next, based on where the ferry was going that day.
    As foot passengers, we had no accommodations booked ahead, and would just decide by looking at the brochures the hotel hustlers (not sure what they were really called), presented and going with them to our selected accommodation. Do they still do this 25 years later? Or do you need to have your place booked ahead?
    It was an incredibly easy and freeing way to travel.

    1. Thank you, Sue. I love hearing your memories & it brought back a lot of mine from the first time I visited too. We were a lot more spontaneous at that time. Nowadays I like to have more of a plan. But the guys are still at the port trying to advertise their rooms, just not as many of them. I bet not a lot has changed since 1996, except the number of people…especially Santorini! Sue x

  11. This guide is really helpful! It is me and my sister’s dream to visit Greece together, so I am going to save this for when we finally go on our sister’s trip to Greece 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  12. We have only visited the Greek Islands by cruise ship but have loved every stop. Our travel wish list includes a long trip taking a ferry from Greek Island to Greek Island. Good point about ferry schedules being dependant on season. Your post adds a few new islands to add to our list.

  13. I was supposed to hike on the Greek islands in June when the pandemic struck. Your article reminds why I need to reschedule. You convinced me!

  14. Excellent post and so much great useful info. I love the cyclades and hopping around this region of Greece. I can’t wait to go again. Keeping this post for future reference.

  15. Ah, what synchronicity. I’m planning a trip to the Turkish Riviera with my elderly mother next year and was thinking of adding a Greek island tour to our holiday. Thank you for such an informative and helpful post. I especially loved your ‘why not’s.’

  16. I will get to Greece one day. And this guide is fantastic for those that are planning a trip. Tips like when to go, I would love to escape Canada’s winter and go in spring, before the crowds in May. The seasonal impacts on ferries too is something I would need to pay attention to. I am saving this for future reference.

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