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Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

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Updated on April 29th, 2024

As an island full of mountains, rivers and rainforests, Grenada is also home to 18 waterfalls. No trip to the island is complete without a visit to at least one. Some will need a commitment to hike to, but many are easily accessible, depending on your level of fitness and determination. Most reward you with a refreshing pool for a dip, or a platform to dive off. Some are even gold and cascade with both hot and cold water. I kid you not! Here is my ultimate guide to the best waterfalls in Grenada.”


Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaGrenada, West Indies, Caribbean


One of my favourite things to do during the month I spent in Grenada was to discover some of the amazing waterfalls in this tropical paradise. There is always something magical about walking through the rainforest in search of an energising cascade and having a refreshing dip in the pool beneath. And Grenada has plenty of opportunities for anyone to get their fix!

In all there are 18 waterfalls in Grenada, but not all are easy to access. I have listed the easier access ones first. In addition, I have included videos so you can see the journey, the prize and all the challenges I encountered on my voyage of discovery.

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Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaHow to get to the waterfalls in Grenada

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

I chose to hire a car for my month on the island. The challenges of driving are very similar to my experiences Driving in St Lucia. However, Grenada is also very well served by cheap and regular buses. They can be very full, very hot but also very cheap. It is a great way to observe the locals going about their business and an authentic experience. Many of the waterfalls are easy to access by bus. Either let the guy in charge know and he will make sure you disembark in the right spot. Or use an app like Google Maps or Maps.me to track your journey and stay informed.

Do you need a guide to access the waterfalls in Grenada?

No, many you don’t need a guide for, others I would highly recommend getting one, but for some it is essential. Throughout this guide there are several tours which you can opt for which will include some of these waterfalls, along with other highlights of Grenada. I have also included details of a couple of contacts I would recommend if you were looking for something more private.

Even if you don’t have a prearranged guide, you will always find someone willing to show you the way as you start your journey. Negotiate a fee and only go with a guide you feel comfortable with. Especially if, like me, you are hiking alone.

There are many advantages of taking a guide. Information about the local flora & fauna, history & culture, as well as no worries about getting lost.”

Check out the video above of my trip to Concord Falls with the brilliant Sylvester for a flavour of what you can expect.

Looking for more fantastic activities to fill your itinerary in Grenada? Don’t miss my guides on watching wild Leatherback Turtles Nest on Levera Beach and diving the Underwater Sculpture Park.

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Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada
Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaAnnandale Falls

Annandale Falls is one of the most accessible waterfalls in Grenada. It lies in the centre of the island, close to Grand Etang National Park but only a 20-minute drive from St Georges. Annandale sits in a stunning tropical setting with plenty of places to relax and enjoy the view. It is the perfect stop if you fancy a dip in the water & there will always be plenty of people to share the experience with.

Annandale Falls also has plenty of facilities. You need to walk through a bar and restaurant to access the falls (although it can feel like walking into a nightclub en route to enjoy the wonders of nature!). There are also toilets and a gift shop at the entrance, close to the road.

It is worth visiting a little later in the day  if you want to have it more to yourself. I was there as the sunset and after dark was treated to a magical display from the fireflies!”

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaMount Carmel Waterfall (Marquis Falls)

Mount Carmel sits in the east of the island, two miles south of Grenville. It is a beautiful waterfall but also easy to access via a short walk. Mount Carmel is arguably the highest waterfall in Grenada, with two falls cascading over 70 feet into the pools below.

The start of the walk is a bit of a challenge to spot. The walk takes you through private land and if nobody is there to show you the way, go to the shop on the corner and ask. You will be charged a small fee by the landowners to access the falls (EC$2.50). The trail is easy to follow & in only 15 minutes you will reach your goal. The walk leads you through a private plantation. Be warned that if it has rained a lot, the path could get very slippery and muddy so have appropriate footwear. Once you’re there, again it is the perfect spot for a refreshing dip. It is less touristy than Annandale and a lovely spot to share with local families. I spent my time watching the young guys perform handstands for the camera and then walk into the falls themselves. This did not look like a pleasant experience to me and appeared like it was hard work to get back out again!

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaConcord Falls

Concord Falls is the first of a series of three waterfalls, with increasingly challenging access. They sit near the west coast, around a 20km drive north of St Georges. If you want a really easy access waterfall in Grenada, then Concord Falls is a spectacular choice. Again, there are plenty of facilities with bathrooms, local stalls, a bar, viewing platform and the opportunity to have swim if you like. It is a popular spot for the tour buses so don’t expect to have this one to yourself.

For those who are feeling a little more intrepid, then lace up your hiking shoes as there are two more waterfalls to explore which are only accessible with a walk. When I visited, I had read that no guide is required and the track to find Au Coin was easy to follow. I went with a determination to do just that.

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

However, at the entrance I met Sylvester who offered to guide me for EC$100. After a little persuasion, I decided to invest in his knowledge, and I know that I would not have been able to find the waterfall alone. Going with him took the stress out of my usual habit of getting lost on a solo hike as the track wasn’t as easy as I had been led to believe.

If you plan to take the trail yourself, just make sure you bring plenty of mosquito repellent, they were hungry out there!”

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaAu Coin and Fontainbleau Falls

Sylvester said the 2nd waterfall in the chain (Au Coin) was less impressive (at the time) so we headed straight for the 3rd, Fontainbleau. Along the way I benefitted from his knowledge of the environment and in his words “information, education and entertainment”. It also provided an opportunity for us to discuss the history and culture of Grenada.

I followed his lead along a trail I would never have found (the lack of visitors during the pandemic may have made it more overgrown). I went backwards and forwards across the river following in his footsteps and with his ever present machete at the ready to discover more about the vegetation around us.

Finally, we clambered over rocks to reach our prize. And it was well worth it! Fontainbleau was one of my favourite waterfalls in Grenada.

It was stunning and it was all mine! And we didn’t see another soul for the whole way there or back.”

Seven Sisters Falls
Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

Seven Sisters was another of my favourite waterfalls in Grenada. It sits within the vast rainforest of Grand Etang National Park, not far from Lake Etang. Entrance was EC$5. Depending on how many of the ‘Sisters’ you want to visit, you may choose to go with or without a guide. The first two of the waterfalls are easy to access via a muddy stepped path. I suggest you accept the offer of a stick to take with you. It’s downhill all the way there which means uphill on the way back. The path can get slippery if it has rained so wear appropriate footwear.

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

If you want to go further to discover the other waterfalls in the chain, I suggest you opt for a guide, especially if you are on your own. There are a couple of places for refreshments close to the start of the trail, as long as they’re open.

It takes 20-30 minutes to reach the falls, by which time a swim is very welcome! If you’re feeling brave this is a great place to climb up the rocks and jump. There will often be a local there who can show you the way, even if they’re not your official guide.

And if they offer to jump while you’re there, they may expect a small tip. Trust me, they deserve it, it looks pretty hazardous!”

While I was there, I met Rohan, one of the local guides. He was very attentive to the needs of his guests & with his company Fresh Rides Taxi and Tours, you ride 5 times and the next ride is free.

See below for some of the most popular tours on the island of Grenada:

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaGolden Falls

Have you ever witnessed a gold waterfall which pours both hot and cold water in two separate cascades? No? I have!

The only way to find Golden Falls is with a guide and the only company to take you is the Real Grenadian Taxi and Tours. The hike starts from Mount Horne, near Grenville in the north & costs EC$65 per person for visitors.

We were told it was easy. It wasn’t! We were told it could take one hour to get there. It took two!”

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada
Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

Within the two hours, we balanced on beams and traversed back and forth across the river, walking through the water (prepare for wet feet). Then we headed deep into the rainforest, scrambling over rocks, swinging on bamboo, pulling ourselves up steep sections on a rope and sidling along narrow ledges. Finally, we were told our prize was “just around the corner”. It was. But to get around the corner we queued up, crouched high on a narrow ledge before individually tackling the aforementioned ‘corner’.

I was first to enter. I put my right foot on top of our guides (who was balanced on an almost imperceptible ledge) and took a rope in my left hand. My other hand grabbed an overhanging tree branch and with this I launched myself into the air before arriving at mind-boggling Golden Falls.

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

Potentially the most unique waterfall in Grenada, Golden Falls is yellow due to sulphur deposits. The high cascade is cold and powerful, its neighbour is smaller but spouts hot water. A truly magical and totally illogical phenomenon!

I think Golden Falls is potentially the toughest day hike I’ve ever done.”

Is it safe? I’m not sure.

Would I have done it if I had known? I doubt it.

Am I pleased I did? Absolutely!

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in GrenadaWhere to stay in Grenada

Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

The waterfalls in Grenada are spread across the island, so you could stay anywhere to explore them. I spent most time of my time in the south of the island. Accommodation on the beach is more expensive than a little further back but there are plenty of choices for any budget. I opted for mainly self-catering and based myself at Grand Anse Beach for much of my stay. At the Siesta Hotel, the accommodation is a little dated but the staff are incredible. I also loved staying at Silver View Apartments. It was a little noisy as it sits just off the main road, but I enjoyed how well connected it was with buses and just a short walk from the beach.

For a more luxurious stay, then you could opt for Mount Cinnamon Resort. It has a great beach bar and a beautiful garden. Again, right on the beach is Coyaba Beach Resort. Alternatively check out nearby Secret Harbour Boutique Hotel and Marina in Lance aux Epines, or Kalingo on gorgeous Morne Rouge beach.

To explore the north, I stayed at the Petite Anse Hotel. It is a family run hotel and was perfect for me. Although remote, it has a fantastic bar and restaurant overlooking the wild ocean and its own private beach. For other options to fit your budget, check out the search box below:


Your Ultimate Guide to the 7 Best Waterfalls in Grenada

I hope you have enjoyed discovering some of the best waterfalls in Grenada through this guide. And if you enjoy chasing waterfalls as much as I do, then Grenada will deliver in bucketloads! Literally!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa! One or two are a little adventurous but I think Annandale & Concord are really easy for most people to access.

  1. I always love chasing waterfalls! These seven look like some pretty awesome and beautiful ones to see. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Grenada has some awesome waterfalls! Some of them I might not manage but the rest look worthwhile. Nice to cool off too after a long hike.

  3. Hi Sue, happy to read this post as we’re visiting Grenada in January. I think we’ll stay away from Golden Falls but will try to hike to a few others on this list.

  4. I do love to chase waterfalls I had no idea there were some great waterfalls on Grenada. We will certainly have to add one or more of these 18 waterfalls on our next plan to visit Grenada. Good to know that for some of the waterfalls it is recommended to get a guide. I love the variety in the waterfalls you saw on your visit. Lovely photos!

  5. These all sound amazing! I think Golden Falls sounds the most unique and I’d love to visit it (even though it sounds really tough to get to!)

  6. I love waterfalls and I will travel far and wide to see them, so I need to add Grenada to my bucket list now. These all look beautiful!

  7. Saving again for future reference. I sure hope to have time to do more than one thing when we make a brief stop in Grenada next spring. Fantastic photos as always.

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