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A blonde woman in sunglasses sitting on a park bench beside a still lake with a clear sky and distant mountain backdrop

Updated on March 6th, 2023

A blonde woman in sunglasses floating in a clear Caribbean sea by a deserted beach
A blonde woman in a purple top and wooly hat sitting on a large flat rock high above the clouds at the top of a mountain
A blonde woman in sunglasses sitting on a white rock beside a deep blue sea on a clear blue sky day



I began travelling solo back in my 20’s. At that time, I had ambitions to see the world, but my friends were not available to join me.

Sue Cockell – Travel Coach

Determination took me across Europe, then to Australia & Indonesia. After tragically losing my husband in 2014 I needed to find out who I was now I was alone again after 20 years. The only way I knew was to follow my passion for travel and I returned to see the world solo. Solo travel has allowed me to heal, grieve and find myself again. My aim is that by sharing my experiences I can encourage other women over 40 to grab life by the balls! I hope to provide ideas and inspiration for you to take the plunge and have the confidence to travel solo. Here I have compiled all my key blog posts on Solo Travel Over 40. The world is a beautiful place, being alone is no reason not to discover it…