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SWWW & guide in canoe Africa 1992

Updated on May 15th, 2020


On Feb 26th, I was very excited to receive the link below… The reason? It was my first ever recorded interview for Sue Where Why What. I was contacted a couple of months ago by Brian who hosts a podcast called Brian Tells Stories, Brian wanted to hear stories from people who travelled. Therefore I felt qualified, so I said yes!


Brian Tells Stories Podcast


Brian spent most of 3 years travelling the globe. South America for 1 year, New Zealand for 1 year, South East Asia for 3 months and backpacking Europe for 1 month. As a result, he has visited over 40 countries & has no intention of stopping. The podcast began as a travel podcast to shine a light on some different travel stories and then it became much more when he branched out to speak with different sects of society from pick up artists to gay porn stars.

This is where I come into the story…

Brian tells stories Podcast

Backpacking Through Africa in the Early 90’s & Travel After Loss

Midlife travel stories & inspiration for traveling alone

Back to the classic Brian Tells Stories podcast about travel tales with the awesome Sue from SueWhereWhyWhat. Sue shares some of her wildest tales about her time backpacking through Africa on the back of a truck in the early 90s and we touch on what travel is like post the loss of her partner. 

Funny, uplifting and inspiring podcast this week!


In conclusion, I’m very grateful to Brian and very excited for you to have a listen so without further ado. Here goes!



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